Magha Nakshatra : Spread from 0° to 13°-20' Simha. Ravi is the lord, the deity ‘Pitrigan’. Symbol—The royal Court with a royal throne. Attributes—The virtues and vices of the father’s family, wealth, glory, beauty, strength and prowess, lustre and effulgence, superior qualities, sharpness of intellect nobility, prestige, replenishment, and increase, wisdom, brilliance, capacity and willingness to donate, ancestors on the paternal side—all these arc effected by Magha. In no star the position of Ravi is so magnificent and dignified. Ravi in "Aswini" is brilliant no doubt but the brilliancy of incendiary character. It burns everything about it. The Sun is then a terrible ball of fire. But in Magha Ravi is like an emperor, confident and self-assured. If Happy and pleased he is in a mood to make any benediction or gift.

When Ravi is in Magha Sani gets alarmed and that is natural. For Sani is by character, of a mean disposition, the nature of slave, no wonder that mean and lowly Sani cannot brook the beaty and the dignity of the position of Ravi in Magha. That is why Sani is ‘Nicha’ and anti-meridional in Aswini and meanness and willyness of Sani so much increases. If Sani is in the lord of 9th & 10th houses and is placed in the 4th house and^ associated with Magha he acts adversely the effects of the 4th & 10th houses. Magha is the causes of brightness and light. Therefore old and gloomy planets cannot stand it. Magha stands for noble impulses and incentives, the gift of Magha must always be a noble one. Magha has been described as glorious one. Anthropooorphically it is the nose of Kalpurush.

Maghaa is derived from Maghaban (cloud; Megha; Devataa — Indra). The cloud presents a grave and fearful look. It is the store-house of electricity, the great energy of fires, the terrible thunders are hidden in it. Its sudden lightning anger wherever falls there is seldom any protection against it. It roars and shakes the very bones. But it has in it the most lovable and nourishing properties of rains. It sheds rains freely for the benefit of the earth and everyone on the earth. It is a selfless gift — it does not want anything in return. So, Maghaa Stands for suva-karma — a good action particularly for selfless gift for the welfare of others.

Devataa Indra is the lord of human senses (Indriyas) the medium between self and the world beyond self. The energy or the fire of Maghaa by representation in a living form effects desire. Desire is the creative effort of mind and that desire is at the bottom of all other functions. It is Vaasanaa — the first impulse that is in the living substance or living soul.

Magha being stationed in the sign ruled by Ravi is dignified. It carries in it the traits of forefathers.

Ideas: Light, lustre, brilliance, splendour, important, high, eminent, a great or noble man.
The oldest, most respectable, the chief, the principal, old aged. Majesty, dominion, important matter, great deed.
Great, strong, powerful, mighty, abundant, to date, gladden, exalt, arouse, excite. To magnify, esteem, highly honour, revere, rejoice, delight in.
To give, grant, bestow, gift, reward, bounty, wealth, power, bountiful, liberal, munificent.
Father, parents, forefathers, deceased ancestors, progenators of mankind.
Possessing or conferring, great prosperity, perfection.
Portion of the human body — the nose.

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