Mrigasira Nakshatra: Mrigasira Nakshatra extends from after 23°-20´ in Vrsa Rasi up to 6°-40´in Mithune. Presiding deity Chandra. Symbol - Antelope or Deer. The word 'Mriga' represents forests, gardens, a search, a seeking to find, to roam about in forests and a hunter, to seek to blaze the trail, a guide and preceptor. An erotic affair, beauty of the countenance with particular emphasis on the radiant lustre of the face, because of the Moon. To seek as the primary characteristic of the star, to discover hidden treasures after the churning of the Sea, the 'Samudra Manthan' of the Hindu Mythology, the mother, motherly conduct that is to say maternal instincts, self-sacrifice without hope of requital, etc.

Chandra is the lord of the mind, so all mental attitude, good or bad, sympathies and antipathies, patience and impatience, the fidgetiness and placidity, imagination, the gift of poetry, purity, sweetness and light, physical and mental aspects, all these come within this star and when things of sweetness and light of physic as also of the mind, both derivatives from the moon, the horoscope of Rabindra Nath comes to mind. His Janma lagna was Mina with Chandra there and Vrhaspati was in Karkata rasi. Because of this yoga Rabindra Nath had something like physical translucence which was object of admiration all the world over, wherever people met. Also, at the same time his poetry enthralled the whole world.

The Moon is a sub-planet round the earth and that is why the influence of the Moon on all that happens in the earth is so paramount. And again that is why the influence of the Moon on both the body and mind is simultaneously so very great. Sukra and Chandra both are female grahas (Planets) with difference that while the Moon is the Lord of motherhood, maternal instincts and all that, Sukra is the lord of feminine beauty, the structure of feminine form, the physical excellence of women and all that. In the former there is elegance and dignity of the feminine while in the latter, the physical beauty and the lure of feminine form which leads a male captive dominates. The moon is the lord of marine products and of medicines; that it was from the sea that the moon rose. And it is to the moon that the influences and causalities have to be traced.

Orion is a brilliant constellation and always delights the eyes of all beholders. It is beautiful beyond description. There are many folklore and mythology relating to this star. Its appearance in the sky was dreaded by the sailors particularly as it presaged stormy weather.

Mrgasira (Mrga — deer to search for; Sira — the head) means searching mind, research, etc. Mrgasira is partly in Vrsa and partly in Mithuna. In Vrsa it is related to material or worldly things. It represents the ideas of tracing out, a track, road, journey, etc. In Mithuna it is related to attribute Baiyu (air). The ideas in it are seeking for beauty, pleasures, motherly feelings, etc. Its Devata being Candra it conveys the ideas of searching for beautiful faces, visit or request a girl in marriage. It also represents motherly attributes of selfless gifts.

Mrgasira represents hunt, pursue, investigate, examine, etc. No wonder that Mrgasira may denote greatest intellect, researchers, poets or beautiful looking persons. Both Sukra and Candra have common features in them. In Vrsa (Sukra) it will show more inclination towards physical beauty and for dress. Predominance of Candra (Devata of Mrgasira) will show tendency towards feminine qualities and tenderness.

To seek, look for, to March through, to strive, to attain.
To request, ask, solicit, beg, beggar, to purify, adorn.
To visit, frequent, to ask a girl in marriage.
Tracing out, a track, road, path, way to or through, walk journey, reach, range, passage, channel (specially intestinal canal, anus).
Custom, usage, pointing out the way, the guide, the leader.
To chase, hunt, pursue, to investigate, to examine
Portion of the human body – the eyes.

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