Moola Nakshatra: Spread from 0° degree to 13°-20' Dhanu Rasi. Lord is Jupiter (Vrhaspati). Symbol— a bunch of roots tied together, deity is ‘Nirithi’ or ‘Alakshmi’. It also means the ‘opposite’ or ‘reverse’. Moola is not one of the good stars, which is evident from this that the deity is Alakshmi i.e. God of ill luck. Moola signifies roots, that is to say, everything of basic nature, its motion is finite and limited. It does not go beyond its narrow Orbit. Old servant, pedlar of seeds, physician administering herbal seed remedies—every such thing is determined from this star. The Moola native looks into scientific, literary, philosophic and other basic subjects. Mortgage and Mortgaged property are governed by this star and its horizon is not rural but urban.

Muulaa has several meanings. Muulaa is the root one — the original one; the first Nakshatra in the third series of the set of 9 stars (from 19th to 27th Star or Nakshatra).

Mula connotes the ideas of foundation, commencement, from the very bottom, the chief or principal city or the capital. The Indian vegetable Muulaa (raddish) has characteristics similar to Muulaa Nakshatra. Muulaa does not grow on the surface of the soil but penetrates into the soil deeper. So, Muulaa is opposed to the idea of worldly prosperity. Rather, the ideas are penetration into the root cause in science, philosophy or in any other knowledge. It leads to the ideas of being rooted, or the bottom of anything.

The symbol ‘tied bunch of root’ denotes binding, bondage or restraint. It denotes a pledged property or a temporary owner (as opposed to rightful owner) or an original territory. Devata ‘Nirriti’ (the root one) has ideas opposed to fortune or one whose property has gone away. From worldly perspective, Muulaa does not indicate fortune or luck. Lending and borrowing during Muulaa is forbidden for it is not helpful for early and easy repayment.

Ideas: To be rooted, firmly fixed, steady, stable, the foot or lowest part or bottom of anything. Root of plants, the edge of the horizon.
Basis, foundation, commencement, from the bottom. thoroughly, cause, origin, source, rooted in, based upon.
The chief or the principal city, the capital.
An old hereditary servant.
The original text as opposed to commentary. King’s original territory, a temporary as opposed to rightful owner (pledged).
Original, first, peculiar, own, proper, unprecedented.
Binding, tying, fixing, to take captive, to rest, restraint, suppress, stop, bond, chain, fetter, ligature, bondage, arrested movement, inoffensive, non-injury, non-intervention, unaggressive.
Portion of the human body — The feet.

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