Purvabhadra Nakshatra: Spread from after 20° in Kumbha up to 3°-20' in Mina. Lord Sani and Vrhaspati, deity Ajopada (Rudra). Symbol double-faced man.

It causes burns, punishes by fire, to cause pain, to burn things to ashes, to use words that burn, conduct that blisters, to use harsh words, evil disposition, cruelty, greediness, restlessness, feeling of dispair and unsatisfied ambition, to burn by slow degrees, sudden excess of anger etc.

Anthropomorphically the side of the body of Kalapurush.

Poorvabhaadra (The Scorching Pair) Symbol — A double faced man. Devata — Ajapada (Aja-ek-paada a form of Rudra). The ideas in Poorvabhaadra are burning by fire, give pains, punish, burning repentance or unsteady mind. There is a sense of cruelty in it. It forms a pair with Uttara-bhadra.

Ideas: To burn, punish, chastise, to heat thoroughly, scorch, perch, dry up, having hot or heated, combusted, impetuous, pungent, acrid, active, hot, warm, ardent, passionate, burning or consuming desire.
To pain by heat, to torture, oppress, afflict, harass, pain, sorrow, grief, remorse, feeling great anguish of heart, to undergo penance, to be distressed about.
Self-mortification, repentance, penance, worried, distressed condition.
To fall, to fall down or out, to perish, to go away, destroyed, perished, gone away, to cause to fall.
Portion of the human body — The region of the ribs, side, flanks, soles of feet.

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