Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra : Spread from 13°-20' to 26°40' Simha. Lord Ravi, deity "Shivalinga". Symbol—Swinging hammock. It is also called the Bhagadaivata Star. All the six majesties, pleasures and prosperities, love, enjoyment and sensual delights are caused by this Nakshatra. The origin of creation is the "Shivalinga". It is the symbol of the call for creation, it announces creation and development. The closure of it means destruction. The individual who in personal life succeeds in mastering the six impulses, that is the impulse of creativity which masters also death. Therefore, on the one hand this star symbolises the joy of creation and enjoyment, and on the other hand signifies desirelessness and asceticism. On the one hand it is the gateway to creation, basic seed of it, on the other hand it aims at renunciation, dissolution, and a merger in ‘Brahman’. Fame and renown are the special feature of this star. Poorva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni are symbol of good fortune and luck. It is the birth star of Vrhaspati.

Anthropomorphically it is the upper lip of Kalapurush.

Devataa Bhaga — the dispenser of pains and pleasure is Bhaagya. It bestows good fortune, welfare. Fulfilment of consequences, attainment of rewards, rejection of evil, correction, cleansing, reformation, etc.

It is also symbolised by a symbol of Sivalingam — the organ of creation to indicate sexual passion, love affection amorous pleasures and at the same time it means control or procreations at the very root of it and thus to enjoy the world without being a slave of passions and pleasures.

Ideas: Dispenser, dispenser of good fortune, welfare, happiness, love, affection, sexual passion, amorous pleasure, dalliance.
Production of fruit, fulfilment of consequences attainment of reward, issue or end of an action.
Rejection of evil, correction, cleansing, refining, reformation. To burst, clear, open to, share with.
Experience, undergo, feel, go or fall into, to pursue practice, cultivate, prefer, choose, to serve, honour, revere, love, adore, to bring to maturity.
Portion of the human body — Lips, sex organs.

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