Pushya Nakshatra: Spread from: 3°-20´ to 16°-40´ Karkata. Lord Chandra. Symbol - Teat of the Cow, the word etymologically means "to nourish" and that again means to preserve, to protect, replenish, multiply and strengthen. Everything of the very best comes within the scope of this Star. Enjoyment of wealth and prosperity follows from it.

Vrhaspati is described as the great teacher of all creation from amoebae to the Gods and is the source of all knowledge and wisdom. The mystery of creation is no mystery to him. He is the eloquent preceptor, the wise minister, pontifex, head of all religious ceremonies. He takes pleasure in all worshipful ritual. And that is why the Pushya is composed of these virtues. It has been described as blossoming and flourishing. It is the mouth of Orien.

Symbol — Udder of a cow. Devataa — Brhaspati. Pushya is derived from Pushti which means nourishment. The nourishment may be related to either physical fitness or material wealth or knowledge. In Pushya the ideas of Brhaspati are linked up. Brhaspati stands for wisdom — the wisdom that nourishes the mind, flourishes it and makes it prosperous. Brhaspati is a preceptor, a minister, a Guru — guide and a Purohit (priest; Pura — in- ternal, Antahpura; hita — benefit) a person who benefits the soul and mind. Brhaspati is also called Baacaspati (Baacas — speech; pati — lord) the lord of speech.

Ideas: Nourishment, the blossoming of flower, the best or upper-most of anything.
To thrive, flourish, prosper, foster, augment, increase, unfold, display, gain, obtain, enjoy, possess.
Fatness, plumpiness, wealth, opulence, development, fullness, completeness. , Rearing, well-fed, well-nourished, abundant, copious.
Auspicious, fortunate, prayer, devotion.
Speech, eloquence, wisdom.
Portion of the human body — Mouth, face, countenance.


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