Revati Nakshatra : Spread from after 16°-40´ up to 30th degree in Mina Rasi. Lord Vrhaspati. Deity Pusa. Pusa is the keeper of Cows of the Gods, causes Cow keeping and animal husbandry, protection and nourishing of dependants, foster-father etc. Pusa means the cherishing of protected people, nourishment, excellence, increase etc., material enjoyment, wealth, prosperity, superfluity, fatness—these are the attributes of Revati. Another attribute is that the native of this star advances by leaps and bounds, that it is to say by fits and starts. Birth Star of Saturn.

Anthropomorphically cavity of the abdomen, groins of Kalapurush.

Revati: the keeper of flocks. Symbol – drum for beating time. Devataa – Pusha. Revati is the last one of the Nakshatras and is suitably regarded as the Nakshatra of Sani.

In mythology, Pusha has character common with Agni and partly with Surya whose daughter he married. He is distinguished as one who guards the roads, protects man and animal from dangers of the roads, finds out lost animals and objects. He gives abundance. It rears and gives shelter. So, it has in it the ideas of Poshana – supporting, nourishing. It has in it an idea of foster father or one who is reared up or maintained by another. Pushaa not only indicates physical nourishment but also enrichment, culture or prosperity. Pushaa being in Miina concerns river. It indicates its progress or development in jumps.

Ideas: Nourishing, feeding, cherishing, rearing, fostering, keeping, supporting.
One who nourishes, one who breeds or rears, keepers of flocks, herdsman, guardian, nourisher, supporter, breeder. To be nourished, fostered, kept, reared, protected, increased, augmented.
Infantile and children’s diseases and death.
Develop, unfold, display, leap, jump, limping, lame.
Wealthy, opulent, prosperous, interior of anything.
Time, finality, finish, last.
Portion of the human body – cavity of the abdomen.

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