Satabhisha Nakshatra : Spread from after 6°-40´ up to 20° in Kumbha. Lord Sani. Symbol a circle.

The Ocean, rivers, lakes etc. are derived from this star and it signifies aquatic marine life. It concerns boats, concealment, the veil, and to hide beneath the veil, covering, armour, places to hide things, failures, no easy success, sorrow, death, restrain, idleness, peevishness, cynicism and a mania for excessive cleanliness.

Diseases indicated by this star are dropsy, rheumatism and heart disease.

Satabhisha literally connotes the idea of bheshaja (medicine). It has in it a great remedial power and therefore, may represent a healer, physician, a remedy or spirituous liquors. Satabhisha attaches to it the idea of a pot covered with a lid which is also used in preparing medicines. It also, therefore, refers to things hidden, hiding place, armour, etc. The obstructive power of Satabhisha both in giving or receiving as are indicated by the symbol is not at all helpful for fulfilment of any work easily. Naturally, it is indicative of causing pains, restraints, laziness, peevish temperament, cynic, etc.

The star Aquarii bears the Arab name 'Sadal Melik' which means 'fortunate star for the king'. Aquarii was known to the Arabs. 'Sadal Suud' means the luckiest of the lucky. The star in this region appears to have been in great favour with the early astrologers.

Devataa Varuna rules over water and the west. He is offered worshipped for rains. In mythology Varuna is described as pure power. He travels in space and holds radioactive powers by the roots ascending higher up and the faces downwards. He has power to sustain life from death. He has thousands of medicines. He holds potential strength to protect one from Nirriti. He can control longevity at his pleasure. He is learned, unenvious and can unite bondage or give salvation. He judges deeds and misdeeds of people’s and grant wealth and prosperity. His activities are unobstructible. Obviously, he has similar powers like that of Yama. In short, he is the power of horses, producer of milk in cows, the sun in the invisible space and the planter of herbs on the hills. People affected by his rage are attacked with diseases having relation with water (Hydro) and is cured when he is appeased.

Ideas: To cover, conceal, hide, screen, veil, surround, to obstruct, prevent, restraint, hinder, check, keep back, ward off, exclude, prohibit, forbid, withhold.
To be covered, to be surrounded, to be obstructed, to be hindered, to hold captive.
Enveloping, surrounding, enclosing firmament.
The ocean, sea, river, lake, pond, tank, reservoir of Water, water of atmosphere, rains.
Protector from evil, defender against foe, protection, defence, shelter, secure.
Armour, shield, the outer garment, cloak.
Healer, physician, curing, .healing, finding a remedy, spirituous and vigorous liquor.
Dropsy, paralysis, incurable diseases.
Snare, nose, trap.
Portion of the human body — The jaws.

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