Uttarashadha Nakshatra : Spread from 26°-40´ Dhanu to 10° degree of Makara. Lord is Vrhaspati and Sani. The derivatives from Uttarashadha are closely allied to those of Poorvashadha. The points of difference are as follows. Poorvashadha spreads out, it is concerned with extensiveness. Uttarashadha is introspective and penetrative and is concerned with intensiveness, the results of the latter being more permanent than the former (Poorvashadha). The deity who preserves this world and makes for its welfare is called 'Ganadevata'. There are ten ganadevatas Basu, Satya, Kratu, Daksha, Kala, Kama, Dhriti, Kuru, Pururaba, Madraba. All their attributes are in this star. The warrior, the wrestler, the painter, the artist, the magician, the well-dressed man, the happy and successful men are influenced by this star. A special characteristic of it is that it causes a person to be admired and socially applauded. Another characteristic of it is that under the influence of this star the native falls in love with an unmarried girl. Bhishma of the Mahabharata was one of the 8 Basus; so, under this star one possesses self-control, restraint, endurance, and firm character. There are special rituals for the worship of ganadevatas, which are more or less of specialised nature. The juice of Soma plant plays a part in ‘yagna’ and worship.

Uttaraashadhaa is the second part of the Nakshatra Sagittarius (Poorvaashadhaa and Uttaraashadhaa). Poorvaashadhaa has the idea of spreading over but Uttaraashadhaa has the idea of penetration, intention. It has in it the idea to settle down, to be absorbed into, to come in conjunction or to appear.

Ganadevataa rules over all the living things and does them good (Mangala). Gaana means division or class — classification. Ganadevataa is, therefore, the lord or ‘class’. In individuals it is the senses, and therefore, has idea of control over the senses.

Ganadevataa is known by 10 different names — Satya, Kratu, Daksya, Kabi, Kaama, Dhrti, Kuroo, Purorava and Madraba. Each of them denotes certain special attribute of Ganadevataa. The entire ideas denoted by the ten comprise to a universal social figure.

Ideas: To enter, to enter into or settle down, to pervade, to permeate, to be absorbed into, to come into conjunction, to appear, manifest.
To enter a house, to appear (on a stage), to go (home), to rest, to flow into, to occur to (as thought), to belong to, to exist for, get into any state or condition, to enter upon, undertake, begin, to mind any business, to cause to enter into, everywhere, in all things, Universality.

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