Uttarbhadra Nakshatra : Spread from after 3°20' up to 16°20' in Mina. Lord Vrhaspati, deity Ohibridna, symbol the last i.e. funeral bed.

The Star is adorned with serpent-like symbol. It looks like rice, its properties and attributes are like those of Arudra, some attributes of Purvabhadra also are found. Purvabhadra shows signs of contrition and atonement while Uttarabhadra shows restrain. From this are to be calculated long distance journeys, renunciation of wordly possessions and mendicancy etc. On the other hand knowledge, learning, good counsel, personality —these also come within the purview of this star.

Anthropomorphically the sole of the feet of Kalapurush.

Uttar-Bhaadra (The Scorching pair) Symbol — A final bed on a cot. Devata — Abhibadhnu (s, form of Rudra). Both Puurva-bhaadra and Uttara-bhaadra are in a pair. Puurva is the first part and Uttara is the second part. In both the Nakshatra the underlying idea is burning pain or being scorched by contact.

In Uttara-Bhaadra although the ideas are similar to Puurva-bhaadra but in it there is power to control and endurance. So, where Puurva-bhaadra indicates hidden anger, in Uttara-bhaadra. it will indicate that there is power to control the anger.

Abhibadhnu means death of Maayaa (Ahi). It denotes progress towards spiritual plane. In particular, Uttara-bhaadra denotes journey to a distant place, to go away leaving everything behind, renunciation, to roam about, etc. At the same time it has in it wisdom, knowledge and personality.

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