Essentials of Vedic Astrology Block 1: Static Horoscope
Lesson 3A: Planetary portfolios

Murthi of Shani Baghawan [Lord Saturn] at Thirunallar in Tamil Nadu, Sth India

Planetary portfolios

GRIEF, Conservatism, Introversion, Dutifulness, Longevity, Death Servant,
Obstacles, Separation, Slowness, Austerity, Hard work, Old age, Chronic disease (Servant) neuter or male
rules Capricorn & Aquarius

Old, infirm, conservative, animal that is utilised as carrier of heavy loads, lame man, lonely, obstacles, misery, longevity, Yama (lord of death), death, selfishness, reality, mendicant who practises severe austerity, dutifulness, a slow ascent after great struggle, retarded results, slow recognition, slim and sickly constitution, buffalo, horse, donkey, goat, oilseed, coal, multicoloured cloth, teeth, bone, nerve, hair, muscle, Tamo guna, pungent taste, imprisonment, demoralisation, bondage, servitude, idiosyncrasies, servant, sorrows, injuries, miners, brick-layers, thieves, risks, drunkenness, gamblers, seeds, oil, cereals, woolen fabrics, architectural skill, iron, lead, whirlwind and storms, low people, western direction.
Disease : Rheumatism, gout, indigestion, chronic dyspepsia, disease of the gall bladder, rickets, disease due to calcium deficiency, deafness, pthysis, consumption, disease of spleen enlargement, insanity.
Colour : Black, blue.
Metal: Iron, lead blue sapphire (Nilam).
Vocation : Mining engineering or engineer, mine owner, coal industry, lead or iron industry, masonry, building and real property, farmer, tannery and leather industry, high officials business of oil seeds and grains etc., speculative business etc.
Birth star : Revati.
Digit : 7,39,49,56,72, 82.
Strength: When the Sun and the Moon occupy Makara (capricorn), Kumbha (aquarius) or Tula (libra) Rasi or the full moon is associated with any of the stars, viz. Chitra, Swati, Revati—Sani is strong. Sani signifies obstacles, impediments, and sorrow or miseries, it afflicts the house where it is posited and the native's miseries and sorrows from that house are indicated. A native cannot be a true ascetic unless Sani is strong and favourable. The planet is a gruelling tester of strength and character. It is a blessing in disguise. Sani melts away the dress in man through pain and suffering and by a process of fiery baptism, builds up the native, of course if Sani is favourable. If unfavourable he brands the native with inevitable disaster and doom—even though all other planets might contrive to make him apparently prosperous and successful. He is wrath of God Narayan or rather sorrow of God, imparted to man, made as He is in His image.

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