Essentials of Vedic Astrology Module 1: Static Horoscope
Lesson 3A: Planetary portfolios

Planetary portfolios

Individual Self (Jiva)
Soul, Ego, Identity
Power, Body, Health
People in authority
Government (King)

rules Leo

The sun:
the essential principals and elaborated details of the sun can be known by considering its role in our solar system. Sun is the center, the light giver - all the planets revolve around the sun - sun is the hub the central point of reference, all the planets take their respective places with reference to this central standard.
Also useful in regard of elaborating ideas from an underlying theme is the model of society.
Each planet has its equivalent in terms of different components of society.
In this light, the sun equates with the King: the ruler the #1, the ruling or governing element in any system or group. - he is the prime minister, the president the head of state, the mayor or head of the city, the head of the chamber the head of he council, the head master or school principal and the head of the family. Other elements within the sun's portfolio associated with this are pomp, power, position in one's career, dignity, self-reliance, prestige, ego, gravity, sobriety, nobility, social leadership, highly placed person in any Governmental institution, political power, king or emperor, a middle-aged man, despotism.
Words like registration, register, - derives from regis - king. They mean to come into line with the government codes. Examples like this show how the social structure is embedded in our structure of language and thought.
The sun is also the head - because it leads the body, the brain because it governs the body, the body as a whole, the state of health of the body and the ego because that gives us our sense of identity - also our identity - the collectedness of our disparate parts which gives us a sense of wholeness - wholeness - the governing principal - synergy - a coming together of disparate parts - which is essentially the role of king or leader or head of state - to bring together the otherwise fragmented or splintered or factional parties within a nation or country - Sun/King is that ordering or collecting principal.
All laws,legal systems, protocols, orthodoxy, pomp and ceremony issue from the king. These are all the apparatus of the king. these systems and regulations and guidelines and codes of behavior which maintain the STATUS QUO. - the all important order which underlies the structure of society and most importantly keeps the king or head of state in his position of primacy and power. There fore all these things come within the Sun's portfolio.
In the absence of the above there is ANARCHY which is the nemesis of the king and his apparatus of law and order and a structured stratified society.
In the life of a native, the sun has large bearing on your profession or career: particularly the level of seniority or responsibility or position you attain.
As stated, on the level of the personality the sun Signifies soul, the nature of the native can be judged from the Sun. It represents hot and pungent taste, chemist, druggist, because chemicals come with in its portfolio. goldsmith, sacrificial places, coronation chambers, bones, head, brain, courage. It indicates father, Satwa guna, windy and bilious or fiery temperament, a male, Kshatriya, day, east direction.
Disease indicated by Sun : disease associated with digestive fluids, disease of head, brain or bone or esophagus, fever, eye-disease, disease of nerve, arteries, veins, lungs or heart. It also causes disease of mouth or cholera.
Metal : Gold, Mercury, Ruby.
Color : Golden color, red-copper color.
Vocation : Physician, engineer, administrator in a Govt. Institution.
Birth star : Visakha (16) and Anuradha (17).
Digit: 12,33,48,70.
Strength : Ravi is strong when he occupies Mesa, Simha or Vrscika Rasi or while full moon is associated with 7, 13, 16 or l7th Stars (Nakshatras). A man may possess Satwa guna if Ravi is conjoined with Chandra but there is chance of his losing power of thinking due to dark moon (Amavasya). The native may be endowed with real Satwa guna if these two planets are posited opposite to each other. In that case the native becomes truly an energetic person and a lover of independence. While in case of a weak Ravi the native cannot easily be successful in any of his endeavors. Combination of Ravi and Sani or if they are opposite to each other, or if Sani is combust the native may experience many changes in his career, suffer from various sorts of troubles, meet with unsuccess in life or pass through many vicissitudes in life.

Following are 2 descriptions of a person characterized by the sun. The first characterizes a strong sun, the second a weak sun.
First, a strong sun [well dignified] very faithful, keeping his promises with all punctuality - a desire to rule and sway where he comes: prudent and incomparable judgment, of great majesty and stateliness, industrious to acquire honor and a large patrimony - yet able to accept the loss of these also. The person characterized by the sun speaks with gravity but few words - and those spoken with great confidence and command of his own affection.
Thoughtful, secret, trustworthy, speaking deliberately, large hearted or magnanimous - affable & tractable; humane to all. Loving pomp & ceremony and whatever is honorable - no sordid thoughts can enter his heart.

When poorly dignified [weak] or afflicted, the person characterized by the sun is arrogant and proud - disdaining all others, 'cracking of his pedigree', short sighted in eyesight and judgment, restless, troublesome, domineering, extravagant - wasting his money and resources, foolish, endowed with no gravity of words or sobriety in action, hanging on to the charity of others yet thinking all are bound to him because of his high born status.

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