Kali Math is an ancient temple established by Adi Shankaracharya - one of India's most famous and illustrious saints; the head of the Shankaracharya Tradition (Guru Dev's lineage). He had such a clear and powerful experience of Kali here that he established it as Kali Math or Monastery (center of learning and experience). It is widely regarded as a Sidha Peeth and Maha Peeth - meaning a place where sidhis are perfected. Because of this lively and fertile atmosphere, yagyas performed here deliver maximum benefits. Because it is a place of Kali Ma, it is the ideal place to perform Kali yagya.

Kali Math is located in the Himalayas near Gupta Kashi. Only a few kilometers from here is the village of Tabiltha - the birth place of Kali Dasa. Also one of India's most celebrated saints, noted for his encyclopedic knowledge and insight.

Kalimath & Kaliganga [Mandaakini] river

Temple in village centre

Pandits inside temple on completion of Durga Puja morning session

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