Veera Narasimha Temple
Thiruvengadu, Tamil Nadu

Lord Narasimha (Man/Lion) is the ferocious aspect of Lord Vishnu. According to the celebrated Puranic legend, Narasimha manifested to protect his devotee Pralaadha from the demon King Hiranyaksha.

Veera Narasimha Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India is celebrated for the power and efficacy of its yagyas. We have been enjoying the benefits of these highly potent yagyas for more than 12 years. Narasimha is an incarnation of Vishnu. In turn, Vishnu is Adi Devata or presiding aspect of intelligence ruling Budha/Mercury and Guru/Jupiter. Narasimha Mercury & Jupiter yagyas are superior to those performed at other temples in India.

Deep rooted problems in the areas of mental health and depression, career and physical health - problems that otherwise won't shift - can be successfully addressed by yagyas performed at this temple.

Narasimha Vishnu Mercury & Jupiter