Narasimha Jayanthi, 20 May 2016
Appearance day of Lord Narasimha (Man/Lion): Fierce aspect of Lord Vishnu

Narasimha Jayanthi, the Grand Day of Lord Narasimha (Nara = Man: Simha = Lion), occurs on Friday 20 May 2016. The ferocious aspect of Vishnu, according to the celebrated story, manifested to protect his devotee Pralaadha from the demon King Hiranyaksha.

Veera Narasimha Temple in Thiruvenkadu, Tamil Nadu, South India is celebrated for the power and efficacy of its Narasimha yagyas. We have enjoyed the benefits of these powerful yagyas for more than 12 years. They specialize in a yagya for the destruction of enemies (Shatru Samhara Narasimha). This yagya performed on 20 May (Narasimha Jayanthi) is guaranteed to deliver victory in any court case, litigation, dispute, disagreement or contest.

On the planetary level, Narasimha Jayanthi is an excellent time to perform yagya for deep rooted problems due to Budha/Mercury and Guru/Jupiter
Narasimha is an incarnation of Vishnu. In turn, Vishnu is "Adi Devata" or presiding aspect of intelligence ruling Budha/Mercury and Guru/Jupiter. Mercury & Jupiter yagyas performed here are superior to those performed at other temples in India. Deep rooted problems in the areas of psychological health and well being, physical health, family life and career - problems that otherwise won't shift - can be resolved by Narasimha yagyas performed on 20 May.
Veera Narasimha Temple in Thiruvenkadu
Areas of Life presided over by Mercury/Budha & Jupiter/Guru

Mercury (Budha) rules communication, intellect, mind, psychology, career, study and education. Mercury in our horoscope indicates the skills that enable us to progress in our active or worldly life. If Mercury is strong and well placed in the horoscope, these areas of life will prosper. If he is weak or afflicted, we will experience problems in these areas. Mercury (along with Jupiter and Moon) determines our overall state of psychological health and well being.
Narasimha Jayanthi Mercury yagya will profoundly benefit these areas of life.

Jupiter (Guru), the great benefic, is commonly associated with wisdom, spirituality, good fortune, marriage and family life. In the realm of active life he has jurisdiction over career and vocation. Because he is a planet of knowledge, he influences mind and psychology. If Jupiter is strong and well placed in the horoscope, these areas of life will prosper. If he is weak or afflicted, we will experience problems in these areas. Jupiter (along with Mercury and Moon) determines our overall state of psychological health and well being.

Destruction of Enemies Yagya - $655
3 Day Mercury/Jupiter Yagya - $655
5 Day Mercury/Jupiter Yagya - $1008


The Yagya has been quite amazing. Firstly on the day of the yagya I felt a bit sick; the following day I felt amazing and in the days that followed, the one who had been giving me grief was asked to leave until she can have a more positive attitude! As for the other one, I am not sure, but so far, no problems from her side. I have to say also that it seemed to me as if the yagya had started from the day after I contacted you because on that day it's as if the universe had already sent a blessing to support the situation with both of these people. Wow! Am impressed!! Thanks heaps!!!!!! S. Australia

I thought that I should check in with you. It is hard to believe, but I think that it has all passed. When I think back to how I described my state of mind just a month ago, and most of last year, it seems like a bad dream. I can use the same words but they have no reality for me now. Thank you for your thoughtfulness during this time and for arranging the Yagyas. We have now been living in our new place for the past 2 weeks which has helped – but it had stated to pass before we moved. The mental strife and unease has passed. Thanks J. Australia

Last Navaratri coincided exactly with me being overseas. It began the afternoon before I left and was completed the day I started to travel home. 4 days into the program I woke up to such clarity of purpose and next moves it was incredible. Very powerful. It was quite a week. PR Australia

Oh my goodness; I can sure feel the effects of the yagya. It is truly amazing. Thank you Ganesha. CC Australia

K. and I really enjoyed the Rudra yagya - it was a very deep and stable experience. She said to tell you that she feels much stronger. Thanks for that. Now we're looking forward to the next Navaratri - what a pleasure to be in a position to be able to this! AS USA

Thank you for organizing guru purnimah navaratri. I am feeling much energy and focus with a sense of freedom. Kind regards S. Melbourne

Hi, How are you? I wonder where you are? I just wanted to say hello and let you know that post yagya, I am noticing a change. It feels like a shadow has been lifted from me, or a veil, something like that. I do find the Rudrabishek yagyas very strong while they are going on. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to partake in them.... love
A. Australia

...yagyas are such an incredible blessing....Not only are we "fore-warned" but we can actually change the outcomes in our favour... Full Text

...I am simply left with a wonderment at the workings of the universe and an overwhelming gratitude for his (Ganesh's) help. Full Text

Can you remember...just how much he was suffering. Then we did the yagya...I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am and how happy and confident he has become. Full Text

Then when he suddenly had all that pain over Christmas I thought well this is it. Then the yagya you did for him seemed to take away the pain... which 'suddenly' one week after the yagya resolved in one day... Full Text

...I do not ever remember feeling as positive and calm as I have since the Yagya has been completed. Full Text

...she and her friend won 1st prize for their section [Years 7 to 10] and then proceeded to also win the Grand prize for the evening, beating the year 10, 11 and 12's... Full Text

...Well only you could believe that on day one of the yagya his solicitor wrote to us offering to settle (after 4 years)... Remarkable. This is the conclusion to all of the dramas which began 4 years ago. This is the outcome we have wanted. Full Text

The green light was given to J's new show (after saraswathi yagya) - discussions about giving it the go-ahead had earlier stalled with indications that it would not be commissioned. Production is now underway and all is going smoothly.

Thought you might like to know that J's new show (which we had the (saraswathi) yagya done for in July) has consistently been number one for the last couple of months. Everyone agrees it is punching about its weight. Very cool.
All the best
L. NSW, Australia

It was probably the strongest influence I have ever felt in the performance of a yagya. Meaning, I felt immediately when it began every day... Meditations were profound with deep transcending.. a whole new level of experience.
A. South Australia

Things are now much calmer. But it certainly has been a rocky few months.
We did sell the house ... now after all that has happened in the world - the stock market collapse etc - I feel that we were very fortunate, the financial context is much clearer now.
All is well.

On the cosmic scale - all is as you predicted. The emotional upheavals have been unrelenting but I felt very supported all along the way - an island of calmness in the midst of the storm.
So in brief, it's all on track - all is as it should be. So thanks again.
Your advice was wonderful and the yagyas worked.

K. NSW, Australia

"What a yagya. I think my whole physiology is changing... I think this must be the best yagya ever...The impacts keep on coming. I can feel the pundits coming and going. It is amazing...Can you book me a place for next year?"
PR - Melbourne, Australia

On the days of the yagyas, I devoted myself to saadhana (spiritual practice)- actually I tried to "do" saadhana but could "do" nothing except lie in the saadhana room in a semi-swoon, feeling like I was being "done". The energy was so powerful I was totally unable to function, so I surrendered to it. I suppose this is normal.
I hope you are well and everything is shining in your world.
K, NSW, Australia

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