Sri Hanuman


The Lord always expounded the inherent qualities of His devotees. On return from 14 years of exile, coronation of Sri Ram was to be performed. The city of Ayodhya was decorated and gods rained flowers. Sri Ram was specially considerate towards the persons who had accompanied Him to Ayodhya viz. Sugriv, Vibhishan, Angad, Jamvan, Nal, Neel, Hanuman and others. Proper arrangements were made for their comforts and also for other guests from far and wide.

Sri Ram called Bhart and with His own hands, combed his hair that had got matted, since he had not paid any attention to it during the fourteen years of Sri Ram's exile. The three brothers personally poured holy water and attended on Bhart while he bathed. Then Sri Ram gave bath to His other two brothers, Lakshman and Shatrughan. Finally Sri Ram, after obtaining the permission of His guru, disentangled His own matted hair and bathed. Having finished His ablutions, the Lord decked Himself with jewels; the beauty of His person put shame hundreds of cupids. The queen mothers meanwhile had Sita go through Her bath also. The mothers carefully combed Her matted hair too, and dressed her in yellow silks; then made Her wear heavenly robes with rich jewels for every part of the body. She shined as Jagat Janni Lakshml which no one could describe and moved where Sri Ram was. She took seat on the left of the Lord. As sage Vasishth was gazed upon the Lord, his soul was enraptured. He sent for an Heavenly throne, which was as effulgent as the Sun himself and defied all descriptions. The auspicious holy waters of four oceans and other holy places of pilgrimages, were brought by Sri Hanuman in golden pot. (Hanuman Vahuk 6-15) and Adhyatm Ramayan VI-1535 and Anand Ramayan 1/12/102). Bowing His head to the brahmans, Sri Ram took His seat. The host of sages were overjoyed as they looked upon the Lord of Raghu's along with Janak's daughter. Then the brahmans recited vedic hymns, while in the heavens above, the gods and the sages shouted "Victory, Victory"

Sage Vasishth applied first the sacred Tilak (mark) and then the other brahmans followed the suit. Perceiving the Lord of all the three worlds seated on the throne of Ayodhya, the gods sounded their kettle drums. The beauty of the sight, the uniqueness of the assembly and the delight of the occasion each defied description. Sharda (the goddess of learning), the Shesh (the thousand headed serpent god) and Veds ever describe them while their sapor was known
to the great Lord Shiv alone. Bhart, Lakshman and Shatrughan with Vibhishan, Angad, Hanuman and the rest shunned forth beside the Lord, each holding the royal umbrella, chauries, fan, bow, sword, shield and spear. With Lakshmi (Sita) by His side, the Jewel of the solar race shone forth with the beauty of a myriad cupids. Blessed are those indeed, who behold such a form of the Lord

Having severally hymned the Lord's praises, the gods returned to their respective abodes. The Veds in the guise of bards, recited praises and they vanished (went out of sight). Then came Lord Shiv and made supplication, prayed for unceasing devotion at the feet of the Lord and returned to Kailash. Vibhishan came forward with a dazzling necklace of gems,- which the Lord of the seas had offered to Ravan. Sita ji accepted it. Its brilliance shone all over-the vast hall and struck every one as a unique string of gems. But, with the necklace in Her hand, She cast a questioning glance at the face of Sri Ram. Sri Ram knew what was passing in Her mind. He said, "Sita ! You can grant it as a gift to any one among those here who deserves your grace." Sita ji well understood the wishes of the Lord. The Lord then gave gifts by His own hands to Sugriv, Vibhishan and others, but did not give anything to His most devoted servant Sri Hanuman. All were surprised at this sport of the Lord and Lord Himself knew the hearts of the audience and exploited another lila to enshrine the glory of Sri Hanuman. Mother Sita also knew the wish of Her Lord and at once looked at Sri Hanuman. Becoming aware of the compassion in that look, Sri Hanuman stood before Her in great humility and bowed his head. Mother Sita put that pearl necklace around the neck of Sri Hanuman as a special gift. The audience highly praised mother Sita and the great lot of Sri Hanuman. Sri Hanuman sat down and started to look into the specialty of the necklace, and the audience noticed that Sri Hanuman plucked a gem from the necklace, crushed it with his teeth, carefully examined the broken gem and dropped it away with his face indicating disappointment. Then he crushed the second and rest of the gems, one after the other, till all the gems met the same fate

The audience were surprised at this act of Hanuman—a foremost among the wise. No one dared to condemn openly and they only whispered amongst themselves : "Why this monkey gave such a treatment to the gemmed necklace; so lovingly and so compassionately presented to him by Sita ?" was the question on most lips. Even Vibhishan was feeling sad that Sri Hanuman had so brazenly insulted the priceless necklace he had brought as a special gift. At last one vassal ruler could not restrain. He rose and gave vent to his resentment; "Peerless Hero! Why did you break the necklace of gems into so many bits ? Was it right to do so ? Tell us the reason why ? Please give us some explanation and remove our doubts.

Listening the question and noticing the audience in surprising mood, as if enraged, Sri Hanuman got up and addressed, "Why are you getting angry; I have been looking towards the importance of the necklace and the gems. These have great glitter and could be sold for a very heavy price, and possibly, no one could afford to purchase it either. It also enhances the beauty of the user; but all these considerations are of no consequences to me. I have fully examined its worth for myself and in my opinion, any thing which does not have the picture of the Lord is of no use to me. I was looking for the vision of the Lord in the gems, which I did not find and the gems appeared to me dark and therefore worthless. These have to break one day with lapse of time, so I have broken them and thrown them away, being of no value to me.

Sri Hanuman's words were mystical, and beyond the comprehension of most of the mortal. A few understood the secret and were enraptured with the highest devotion of Sri Hanuman. There were still some who were unhappy and questioned Hanuman, "Is the portrait of your Lord, Sri Ram, in your heart? If your reply is in affirmative, please prove. You should not wear any thing
which does not have the name of Sri Ram: you are carrying it about you. Prove to us that you have the portrait of Lord in your heart."
Sri Hanuman answered, "Every pore of my skin chants the name of Sri Ram unceasingly and I have always the portrait of my Lord Sri Ram imprinted in my heart. To satisfy the Ruler, he pulled out a single hair off his arm and held it near the Ruler's ear. The latter could hear the name Sri Ram, Ram, Ram...' reverberating from the plucked strand. At this the Ruler was overcome with a sense of wonder and fell at the feet of Sri Hanuman and prayed for pardon. Still to satisfy others in the audience, Sri Hanuman put his hands on his own breast and tore open his chest; gleaming inside the cavity was the majestic image of Sri Ram and Sita ji seated on the royal throne and flanked by the three brothers. The audience hailed the glory of Sri Hanuman, bowed at his feet in reverence and sang praises of Maruti.

Sri Ram, alighted from His throne and warmly embraced Sri Hanuman with His long arms. With the soothing and affectionate divine-touch of Sri Ram's hand, the split chest got instantly closed and became stronger than before. Mother Sita smiled and applied sindhur (vermilion) to his body. Now all came to know the secret sport of Sri Ram for not having offered any gift to
Maruti along with others in the assembly. Sri Ram then asked Sri Hanuman, "What can I offer you on this occasion ? 1 have nothing to offer that can match your devotion to me. Therefore I am offering 'Myself as my gift to you." Sri Ram then offered His body to be clasped by Hanuman's arms. Sri Hanuman went in to tarns and embraced the All-Merciful-Lord. Lord Shiv, witnessing this unique incidence from His abode at Kailash, also experienced the divine joy imparted to His incarnate Sri Hanuman, hailed the glory of Sri Ram and begged for His unceasing devotion. The assembly burst into shouts of Jai Sri Ram— Jai Sri Hanuman' at this unique gracious act of the Lord. They praised Sri Hanuman and declared that no one can equal Sri Hanuman's devotion to Sri Ram. Sri Hanuman aims of life is increasing devotion to Sri Sita Ram

Hanuman Chaleesa
Hanuman mandir in Haradwar