Essentials of Vedic Astrology Block 1: Static Horoscope
Exercises for Lesson 3B continued

Exercises for Lesson 3B continued

Tajika aspects

1A] List all the aspects for each planet in your horoscope in the following manner:
Eg: Sun conjunct Saturn
Sun sextile Mercury
Sun opposition Mars

1B] Assign portfolios to each planet in the above list
Eg: Sun [power, authority, identity] conjunct Saturn [grief, restriction, conservatism, separation, problems]
Sun “ sextile Mercury [perception, logic, understanding, communication, skills]

2] An aspect between 2 planets indicates that elements within the portfolios of one planet are related to those of the other planet.
Can you see these aspects operating in your life in terms of interconnectedness between the portfolios of the 2 planets concerned?
For each aspect, describe these interactions as you see them in your life.
For example: Sun [power, authority] conjunct Saturn [grief, problems] in 10th house [career] = could indicate problems with authority or responsibility in the workplace.

*:Supplementary course material
The fact that 2 planets in your horoscope are related by aspect is fundamental to interpretation. Even though each aspect has its own peculiar effects, the manifestation of these effects are not always immediately apparent. However finer study/scrutiny can often reveal the peculiarity of the particular aspect involved.
For example:
Moon [mind, emotions] TRINE [favorable] Saturn [separation] = Native needs periods of solitude for mental/emotional regeneration. Comfort with solitude.
Moon [mind, emotions] OPPOSTION [unfavorable] Saturn [separation] = Emotional separation leading to unhappiness

Practitioners question
3] Can you explain in terms of your own life experience the particular effects of some or all of the aspects listed above.
Please elaborate your answers for each aspect.
4] Return to Exercise 3A, Planetary House Aspects, Q3. How does this added information enhance or clarify your interpretation so far?
Your interpretation should move to new depths of interconnectedness. Please elaborate with examples specifying the influence of planets [including portfolios] in aspect with one another.

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