Saturday, October 21, 2006 marks Deepavali or Divali
Maha Laksmi (Sri)
is that aspect of Natural Law governing success & affluence on every level of life: from the inner spiritual, emotional & mental realms through to the outer worldly realm: she is worshipped for prosperity. By taking part in this Divali Yagya celebration, you will enliven the principle of Maha Laksmi in your life and thereby generate a powerful momentum for success & affluence on every level: inner & outer - happiness, fulfillment & material affluence -
Our yagyas are performed by a group of highly skilled & experienced Vedic Pundits. They give an experience of that level of awareness associated with the great sages and Maharishis (great seers) of ancient India.
This means blissful experiences and profound changes in the lives of those individuals blessed by these performances
(see testimonials).
These highly trained, dedicated and refined individuals who have had long association with a perfect master are expert in a unique and powerful method of performing their yagyas from the deepest, silent levels of their own awareness. There in lies their power and efficacy. Their yagyas work.
It is with great joy and gratitude that we offer this service to you.
Level 1 Group yagya - AUD$108
Level 2 Individual yagya - AUD$375
Level 3 Individual yagya - AUD$750
Level 4 Individual yagya - AUD$1008

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