Friday Feb 16 marks Maha Shiva Ratri, the Grand night of Shiva, this year. Lord Shiva is often depicted in perfect samadhi. He is the God of meditation -the eternal witness: our own least excited state of awareness. The unmanifest source of creation - the home of all the laws of nature; he is mahadeva - the great God.
When the mind knows itself to be that state of awareness, the experience is of the most profound peace. World peace is a natural by-product when that supremely auspicious level of natural law is awakened in world consciousness. On a more expressed level, Rudra - the lively aspect of Shiva is the antidote to afflictions of Shani: the planet Saturn. Regarded as the most malefic of the 9 Grahas, Shani/Saturn more than any other planet is the bringer of karmic retribution, the fruits of our past mistakes - grief.

Taking refuge in Lord Shiva is one of the most effective remedies for the difficulties caused by Shani/Saturn. Maha Shiva Ratri is the most efficacious night of the year to propitiate Lord Shiva and thereby invite his compassion and grace into our lives. In practical terms, MahaShivaRatri is a highly fortunate window of opportunity for performing yagyas with the intention of overcoming or removing obstacles to our happiness, progress & health.
The pundits from our Nth Indian anusthana have tailored a program of yagya to celebrate this most auspicious opportunity.
You are cordially invited to take part in this program & thereby invite the infinite compassion of Lord Shiva into your life & your family's life.

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Dear Ganesh, I thought you might be interested in the visible manifestations of my saturn yagya. The most significant change was probably in my daughter rather than in me. At 10 she had become argumentative, confrontational and very needy. We had been working on this for some time. The week after the yagya she totally changed. Not her personality, but her attitude. She suddenly, overnight became helpful, discursive rather than argumentative, co-operational rather than confrontational and discussed what she needed to be happier. For her it was a great relief to be able to manage without becoming catty, angry or solitary. For me it was also a great relief and I could now relax and trust that she was OK; wonderful for both of us." P. Aust
Dear Ganesh, Wanted to let you know while you are still in India so that you can pass on my heartfelt thanks in person to the pundits who performed my daughter's Venus Yagya...We're just home from the screening of the Australian Student Short Film Awards at Federation Square...she and her friend won 1st prize for their section
[Years 7 to 10] and then proceeded to also win the Grand prize for the evening, beating the year 10, 11 and 12's... It means so much to me on so many levels so thank you so much for all your support, help and organization of the Indian side of things. I feel such relief as much as anything. It's all going to be OK. love and blessings, J Australia
"The vedic realm delivered the protection - the arrows bounced off - for many hours the barrister asked long, tricky questions and I was able to answer all of them. So I now know what that term "arrows bouncing off" means. Thanks and please pass on my appreciation to the pundits." B Australia
"Hi Ganesh, Just wanted to let you know I'm feeling so much better after that wonderful yagya. There has been a total shift in the dynamics between my father and I which is very liberating. Thank you for all your assistance in this. Bye for now," A. Australia
"We have been desperately trying to get assistance ... for two years, but this is the first time that they have actually taken action... this is a turning point in his recovery, definitely the result of divine grace." N Australia

Group yagya - AUD$108
Level 1 Individual yagya - AUD$ 375
Level 2 Individual yagya - AUD$ 750
Level 3 Individual yagya - AUD$ 1008
Maha (grand) yagya - AUD$ 2700

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