Anuradha Nakshatra: Spread from 3°-20' to 16°-40' Vrschika Rasi. Lord is Mangal. Symbol—the same as that of Visakha. Visakha and Anuradha are complimentary to each other. From Anuradha is derived friendship, love, affection and other tender feature of a person’s character. From Visakha is considered the ultimate objective while from Anuradha is indicated the 'action'. The difference between Visakha and Anuradha is that while the Visakha-native forgets after success about benefits derived as also the persons who helped, the Anuradha-native retains soft feeling about them, he keeps his friendship intact, and does not, forget the benefits. The Anuradha-native's mind is always alive and receptive to all feelings and gestures of friendship and love. He is like the sentinel always a mounting guard over emotions, but lacking the hardness or toughness of the official sentinel.

Anuraadhaa and Raadhaa (Visaakhaa) are complementary to each other in ideas. Anuraadhaa forms a pair with Visaakhaa. The leading ideas in it are same as in Visaakhaa. In particular, in affection, friendship it is more expressive than Visaakhaa. Visaakhaa leads to a purpose tainted with selfishness but in Anuraadhaa the actions are without such selfishness.

Mitra means friendship. Mitra and Varuna are members of the group of the Aaditya, sons of (the goddess) Aditi. The names of the members are variable. The chief is Varuna and those most often mentioned after him are Mitra and Aryaman. Only one characteristic distinctive of him is that he holds men in their engagements, urging them to associate together. ‘Mi’ means ‘to exchange’. He is thus the counterpart benevolent, judicial and sacerdotal of the majestic and terrible sovereign which Varuna represents.

Ideas: A co-worker, ally, help-mate, friend, anything set up, founded, established, anything having firmly established as power.
Judging, observing, perceiving, knowing, calling men to activity.
Guard, vigilance, beholding with unwinking eyes companion, associate.
To act in a friendly manner, seeking friendship, winning friendship, united by friendship and common purpose, coming from or relating to a friend, alliance for a purpose.
Casting as under, throwing away, rejection as useless, excretions of the human system as stool and urine.
Portion of the human body — stomach, bowels, womb.

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