Clear, profound description with accurate prediction & answers regarding all manner of questions.
Vedic astrology incorporating William Lilly's famous system of horary astrology.
And integrating an ancient & highly effective system of remedy known as yagya
I have had the good fortune to verify the accuracy of Ganesh's jyotish (vedic astrology) and the efficacy of the yagyas that he arranges in my own life. I am simply left with a wonderment at the workings of the universe and an overwhelming gratitude for his help. More

Things are now much calmer. But it certainly has been a rocky few months. We did sell the house ... now after all that has happened in the world - the stock market collapse etc - I feel that we were very fortunate, the financial context is much clearer now. All is well.
On the cosmic scale - all is as you predicted. The emotional upheavals have been unrelenting but I felt very supported all along the way - an island of calmness in the midst of the storm.
So in brief, it's all on track - all is as it should be. So thanks again. Your advice was wonderful and the yagyas worked.
K. NSW Australia

"I've been consulting you and the other astrologer for the past 8/9 years... While he is very good and gives good personality profiles and says how the relationship is likely to be - he doesn't give me the yes/no. For me its about the yes/no. That's why I like you.You do all that with the personality profiles; but you give me the yes/no. The reading we did about 2 years ago... The way it's happening with the career and the relationship ...its pretty much what you'd said... You're pretty much spot on again." W.Douvos, Company director, Melbourne, Australia

Vedic Astrology
or jyotish is the traditional astrology of the ancient vedic civilization of india. It is held to be the eyes of the Ved. Ved is the source of yoga, ayurved, eastern spirituality & mysticism. Indeed the vedic literature is the oldest record of human experience known to man. Vedic astrology discerns and enlivens eternal laws of nature within the fabric of our daily lives. Vedic Astrology integrates an ancient & highly effective system of remedy known as yagya.

Ganesha's Consultations
strip away the vague generalizing and inaccuracy to reveal an accurate, profound system of insight into the past, present & future. Key features include:
* Sidereal Zodiac natural zodiac based on the fixed stars instead of the 'drifting' tropical [sun based] zodiac used in western astrology.
* 27 Lunar Mansions [nakshatras] building blocks of the zodiac signs & crucial to descriptive accuracy.
* Major life periods governed by the planets [maha dasas].
* House transits of Jupiter & Saturn from natal moon.
* Yearly solar return [varshapala] horoscopes & sun/moon phase return [tithi pravesh] horoscopes.

William Lilly's Horary Astrology
Celebrated astrologer of renaissance England, known as the english Merlin, he was regularly consulted by parliamentarians & the nobility. Famed for the accuracy of his predictions: notably the great fire of London & King Charles 1 crushing defeat by the roundhead armies, he played an active role in the politics of revolutionary England. Lilly spent his professional life perfecting a system of horary astrology: the art of describing the circumstances surrounding a question & divining its answer based on interpreting the horoscope of the time the question is asked.This system is so accurate that three & a half centuries later it is still taught and practiced in its original form.
"I am so happy to have had my appointment with you on wed past. The accuracy was amazing! The personal benefits of having had many aspects of me summarized and clarified have been an absolute blessing! The most obvious outcome is self acceptance and I am certainly cherishing this...The reading helped me to completely realize that criticism and comparison are a waste of time! I would like to follow up your recommendations on gems and am keen to make contact with Scott in the future. Many thanks "BB Sth Australia

With Pundits at Berola anusthana outside New Delhi March 2005

Ganesha has been exploring Vedic science for more than 40 years. For the last 28 years, he has practiced Vedic Astrology full time. Prior to that, he served as teacher and senior administrator in a successful, international laboratory school based on principles of holistic spiritual development. He was initiated into Vedic astrology during a 3 year stay in his teacher's ashram (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi), where he worked closely with traditional Brahmin astrologers (jyotishi's).

Ganesha has written astrological software, produced a sidereal ephemeris, taught many students in classes & seminars and given many thousands of consultations. In the last 15 years, he has built a successful world wide astrological consulting practice. Integral to his work, he supports & maintains strong ties with 7 groups of pundits from the ancient vedic tradition in India where he travels extensively each year. These pundit groups, traditionally known as 'anusthana' perform remedies or yagyas on behalf of his clients.

Yagya is an ancient vedic technology proven to be highly effective in remedying the suffering & complications of life due to the influence of malefic planets. Testimonials

My first reading with you was in 1996. It profoundly changed my view on life. You gave me a new perspective on life, a new viewing platform. You helped me to integrate the past and also to understand and accept myself. I have consulted you numerous times over the years and have always found your predictions to be spot on and your insights into others personalities extremely accurate. Your knowledge of the Puranas adds another rich dimension, that is so helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of jyotish. I recommend you highly. Sneha, Northern Rivers, Australia