Optimal benefit from specialty yagyas performed at celebrated temples

We've been traveling to India regularly the past 20 years - more than 80 times. Over the years, working with pandit groups associated with different temples, we've found that some temples (dedicated to a particular God or Devata) specialize in certain yagyas. While they may perform many yagyas, some work better than others. This is due to the God or Devata of the temple and its relevance for particular yagyas. Over the years we've explored and cultivated working relationships with a number of temples specializing in particular yagyas. It has been our experience and more important our clients' experience - this approach works well.


India is "Dev Bhumi": land of the Gods. It has many places where the Devata value is lively and accessible. Devata or deeper, Universal reality (God or presiding impulse of natural law) is lively and accessible in and around certain special locations. From one perspective, we can say Devata, land and families living on the land are not seperate. Although they appear as seperate entities, they are, in fact, part and parcel of the same reality. It can also be said the reality of the Devata (universal, eternal Law of Nature) has permeated these places since time out of memory. Accordingly, temples are constucted to serve as a focal point. The deeper universal reality (Devata) is not separate from the land, the temple or indeed the families who have lived there for generations. And the pandits born of these families perform the yagyas.


While pandits are integral to the Yagyas - because they recite the mantras and perform the ceremonies - they are not separate from Devata. So the land, temples, families and pandits born of the families - are an expression of Devata: the deeper Eternal Universal reality - the greater wholeness. Therefore it's fair to say the influence of the Devata (grace, blessing) operates through the temple and the pandits who service the temple. In this way, speciality Yagyas performed at celebrated Temples deliver optimal benefits .

Yagya relieves the suffering due to malefic planets.

Our joys and sorrows in this life are the fruits of actions (karmas) done in previous births. The fruits of our past actions are mediated or delivered to us by the planets Their arrangement in the heavens at the time of birth is a karmic map of our life. Vedic astrology interprets this ‘star map’ (horoscope) and makes predictions based on it. Planets activate during the period of life allotted to them. A malefic or afflicted planet in the horoscope will deliver problems in the life period ruled or influenced by it. Yagya relieves suffering due to malefic planets.

Maladies of Mind Body and Circumstance are rectified

Grand Rudra Yagya
Night of Lord Shiva
18 February 2023
Peace Surpassing All Understanding

Protection from Negative Influences
Shifts Grief and Long Term Problems
Peace of Mind

3993 Recitations of Sri Rudram
US$252 - AUD$378 - EURO 234 - GBP 189

February 18 is Grand Night of Lord Shiva for 2023. To celebrate and share the blessings on this most auspicious occasion, we're delighted to offer you a place in our Maha Rudra Program

Grand Rudra Yagya: Effective remedy for problems associated with Moon Saturn Rahu and Malefic Planets

Moon/Chandra (Mind Emotions Happiness)
Saturn/Shani (Grief Obstacles Chronic disease)
Rahu (Rough transformation Separation Overshadowing/obsession) Testimonials

Supreme Self, Supreme Abode, Eternal Witness - Shiva is our deepest meditation. He is our own least excited state of consciousness: pure awareness. Unmanifest source of creation, home/Unified Field of all the laws of nature, Shiva is the silent, eternal, non changing source of all change and diversity.

When mind dissolves in that state of least excitation, the experience is Supreme Peace, Fearlessness, Translucence, Wholeness. World peace is a natural by-product when that supremely auspicious level of natural law is lively in world consciousness. Testimonials

Trayambakeshwar Jyotir Lingam, Nashik, Maharashtra

Trayambakeshwar Jyotir Lingam in Nasik, Maharashtra is one of 12 principal seats of Lord Shiva in India. Out of thousands of Shiva temples the 12 'Jyotir Lings' or Self effulgent Lingams (lit from within) occupy a class of their own as the greatest, most celebrated & most powerful centres of Shiva in the world. The lingams (murthis or idols) in these temples are all 'swambhu' or self created - not man made. Some hold Trayambakeshwar to be the first Jyotir Lingam. It is one of the 5 amrit sthanams or most sacred places in India; Kumbha Mela is held here. Mentioned in the Vedic literature, Yagyas and pujas have been performed here for thousands of years.

More important, the experience of Lord Shiva's presence or darshan in these temples is unparalleled. For this reason millions of devotees come from far and wide each year to bathe in that experience of wholeness and peace which surpasses the understanding. As a result of this densely saturated atmosphere, yagyas performed here deliver profound, long lasting benefits. Deep rooted stresses/karmas are washed away & life long burdens are lifted. Background

Rudra - Redemptive aspect of Shiva

When Supreme Peace becomes lively and dynamic - it is known as Rudra: the redeemer. Rudra is vibrating silence. Rudra dissolves flaws and imperfections bringing everything 'home' to rest, back to the unmanifest state of quiescence or peace.

Rudra Saturn Rahu

Shani (planet Saturn) is devotee of Shiva/Rudra. Of the 9 Planets (navagraha) Saturn rules karmic retribution; he delivers the fruits of our past mistakes, thereby teaching the lessons we need to learn in this birth. Typically Saturn rules grief, separation, obstacles, delays and disappointments, sorrow, hard work, chronic disease and old age, longevity and death. His nature is conservative, introverted, dutiful. Ultimately, Saturn cultivates in us the desire for final liberation, emancipation from the wheel of birth and death - moksha

Rahu is like Shani/Saturn. It also brings Rough transformations, Perverse Mind/Overshadowing Uproar.

Grand Rudra Yagya - 22 Pandits performing 3993 repetitions of Shri Rudram

Grand Rudra Yagya consists of 33 Pandits reciting 3 x 11 x 11 x 11 (3993) recitations of Shri Rudram (invocation of Rudra). The program culminates with Homa or traditional fire ceremony on the last day. Due to the magnitude and potency of the yagya it services 30 participants or yajamana.