Optimal benefit from specialty yagyas performed at celebrated temples

We've been traveling to India regularly the past 20 years - more than 80 times. Over the years, working with pandit groups associated with different temples, we've found that some temples (dedicated to a particular God or Devata) specialize in certain yagyas. While they may perform many yagyas, some work better than others. This is due to the God or Devata of the temple and its relevance for particular yagyas. Over the years we've explored and cultivated working relationships with a number of temples specializing in particular yagyas. It has been our experience and more important our clients' experience - this approach works well.


India is "Dev Bhumi": land of the Gods. It has many places where the Devata value is lively and accessible. Devata or deeper, Universal reality (God or presiding impulse of natural law) is lively and accessible in and around certain special locations. From one perspective, we can say Devata, land and families living on the land are not seperate. Although they appear as seperate entities, they are, in fact, part and parcel of the same reality. It can also be said the reality of the Devata (universal, eternal Law of Nature) has permeated these places since time out of memory. Accordingly, temples are constucted to serve as a focal point. The deeper universal reality (Devata) is not separate from the land, the temple or indeed the families who have lived there for generations. And the pandits born of these families perform the yagyas.


While pandits are integral to the Yagyas - because they recite the mantras and perform the ceremonies - they are not separate from Devata. So the land, temples, families and pandits born of the families - are an expression of Devata: the deeper Eternal Universal reality - the greater wholeness. Therefore it's fair to say the influence of the Devata (grace, blessing) operates through the temple and the pandits who service the temple. In this way, speciality Yagyas performed at celebrated Temples deliver optimal benefits .

Yagya relieves the suffering due to malefic planets.

Our joys and sorrows in this life are the fruits of actions (karmas) done in previous births. The fruits of our past actions are mediated or delivered to us by the planets Their arrangement in the heavens at the time of birth is a karmic map of our life. Vedic astrology interprets this ‘star map’ (horoscope) and makes predictions based on it. Planets activate during the period of life allotted to them. A malefic or afflicted planet in the horoscope will deliver problems in the life period ruled or influenced by it. Yagya relieves suffering due to malefic planets.

Maladies of Mind Body and Circumstance are rectified

Grand Festival of Mother Divine
26 September - 4 October 2022

1008 Recitations of Durga Saptashati (Heart of Navaratri yagya)
10008 Recitations of Kali Kavacham - Protection of Kali Maa
4 Celebrated Temples

Grand or Maha Navaratri: Most celebrated Auspicous Most potent of 4 Navaratri's each year

26 September thru 4 October marks the Grand or Maha Navaratri Festival for 2022. Of the 4 Navaratri's occurring each year, Maha Navaratri is the most celebrated, auspicous and most potent. When you take part in Maha Navaratri 9 days Yagya your life is infused with Shakti: Nature's Organzing Power. You align with the invincible evolutionary flow of Nature's intelligence. This purifies revitalizes and recalibrates your world putting you on fast track to realize your highest goals and aspirations. Mother Divine supports and protects you from negative influences.

2022 Maha Navaratri is one of 3 Yagyas comprising
2022 Divali Combined Laksmi Program

Navaratri or 9 nights of Divine Mother is a time of cleansing, purification and evolution throughout the whole of nature. During this window, the wholeness of life rises to purge the lower, fragmented, imperfect values of natural law. In Purana, it is depicted as the time when Shakti (quintessential universal power), champion of the gods, is victorious over demons (lower, fragmented forces of nature). It is a time for light to triumph over darkness. The river floods and stagnant pools are washed away. It's an opportunity to purify, revitalize and realign our lives: to get back on track - to realize our goals and aspirations. Testimonials

It generates a powerful momentum for inner and outer progress and fulfillment: happiness, fulfillment, material affluence, harmonious relationships and career success. Waves of wholeness roll through your life, your family, your community and your world nourishing and evolving all beings at every level of creation.

Kaamakhya temple in Assam
is famed throughout India as the birth place of Kaama Deva, God of Love. Kaameshwari Devi, patron Goddess, bestows bhukti (pleasure) and mukti (liberation/enlightenment). She harmonizes and integrates both aspects of life which, from orthodox perspective, are often held as mutually exclusive. More Detail

Of 51 Shakthi Peeths (principle seats of Divine Mother), Kaamakhya is considered one of the greatest, most powerful & most illustrious. Sidha Peeth and Maha Peeth: for thousands of years, it has been a foundation and source of power for those desirous of attaining perfection in their spiritual practice (saadhana) and in performance of their yagyas and pujas. More Detail Kaamakhya is a haven for Sadhus (Religious ascetics, Renunciates) Saadakas (Those given to spiritual practice), Tantrics, Aghoris, Pandits, Kali devotees (Bhaktas), Newly-weds and others.

Lekhnath is Acharya (teacher) and leader of our Kaamakhya Pandits. Born of the same soil as Kaamakhya, they are clear conduits through which Kameshwari Devi's sublime reality is enlivened in our lives in its purity and potency. Their yagyas consistently deliver excellent benefits

Kali Math is situated in Himalayas on the way to Kedarnath, half an hour from Guptakashi. It is an ancient place of learning & experience established by Adhi Shankara. It's said he had such profound experience of Kali here that he established it as Kali Math or Monastery (center of learning and experience). Widely regarded as Sidha Peeth and Maha Peeth, one can cultivate deep and quite perfect experience of the sidhis. Due to the profound, pervading influence of Kali, yagyas performed here deliver outstanding benefits.

Level 3 Program - USD 456 AUD 675 EURO 399 GBP 354

- Durga Puja: invocation of Kali, Laksmi & Saraswathi
- Morning program = 3 recitations of Durga Saptashati (700 mantras invoking Mother Divine)
- Total 27 recitations over 9 days
- Evening program = 3 recitation of Kali Kavacham (Armor/Protection of Kali Maa)
- Total 270 recitations Kali Kavacham + 5832 Navarna Japa over 9 days
- Performed by Pandits in 4 celebrated temples each day for 9 consecutive days exclusively on your behalf

Level 2 Program - USD 304 AUD 450 EURO 266 GBP 236

- Durga Puja: invocation of Kali, Laksmi & Saraswathi
- Morning program = 2 recitation of Durga Saptashati (700 mantras invoking Mother Divine)
- Total 18 recitations over 9 days
- Evening program = 2 recitations of Kali Kavacham (Armor/Protection of Kali Maa)
- Total 180 recitations Kali Kavacham + 3888 Navarna Japa over 9 days
- Performed by Pandits in 4 celebrated temples each day for 9 consecutive days exclusively on your behalf

Level 1 Program - USD 171 AUD 234 EURO 144 GBP 126

- Durga Puja: invocation of Kali, Laksmi & Saraswathi
- Morning program = 1 recitation of Durga Saptashati (700 mantras invoking Mother Divine)
- Total 9 recitations over 9 days
- Evening program = 1 recitation of Kali Kavacham (Armor/Protection of Kali Maa)
- Total 90 recitations Kali Kavacham + 1944 Navarna Japa over 9 days
- Performed by Pandits in 4 celebrated temples each day for 9 consecutive days exclusively on your behalf

Level 4 Program - USD 608 AUD 900 EURO 532 GBP 472
Level 5 Program - USD 760 AUD 1125 EURO 665 GBP 590
Level 6 Program - USD 912 AUD 1350 EURO 798 GBP 708
Level 7 Program - USD 1064 AUD 1575 EURO 931 GBP 826
Level 8 Program - USD 1261 AUD 1800 EURO 1064 GBP 944
Level 9 Program - USD 1368 AUD 2025 EURO 1197 GBP 1062