Kali Math, Himalayas

Kali Math is situated in Himalayas on the way to Kedarnath, half an hour from Guptakashi. It is an ancient place of learning & experience established by Adhi Shankara - one of India's most celebrated and illustrious saints. A living embodiment of the highest levels of development and integration of heart (bhakta) and mind (gyana), Sidha (perfected) Yogi, He established the Shankaracharya Tradition (Swami Brahmananda's lineage) and is widely regarded as incarnation of Lord Shiva. His experience of Goddess Kali here was so clear and profound, he established Kali Math or Monastery (place of learning and experience).

Sidha Peeth: by the grace of Kali Maa, one can more readily achieve perfection in their saadhana or inner spiritual endeavors. And due to Kali's lively & profound presence, yagyas performed here deliver extraordinary benefits.

2014 July Ashadha (Guru Purnimah) Navaratri

Kali Maa

Maha Kali is invoked first during 9 nights of Navaratri. Garland of heads and sword of knowledge illustrate her bestowing liberation by taking us beyond ego, mind and sense attachments. Head contains sense organs, and is thereby synonymous with limited self concept or ego. Severing the head with the sword of self knowledge Kali liberates the mind. Awareness expands and is freed from concepts, boundaries and self imposed limitations. Her darshan or mode of influence is experienced in the heart and our deepest sensibilities. It's a direct experience. We feel her at the core at of our being.

Standing over her consort Shiva (Absolute Unmanifest) She is the ground state or absolute made lively. In contrast with the sleeping Shiva, Kali is proactive. She arrests the mind (severing the head) and forcibly takes us to the absolute. More detail

Skanda Puran Volume 85 Chapter 1 Verse 1

In Kedarkhand on the left side of Mandakini river, the ancient Siddha Peeth Kalimath temple is situated on the sacred banks of Saraswathi river. Here are ancient temples of Shri Maha Kali, Maha Laksmi, Maha Saraswathi Gaurishankar, Siddheshwar Mahadev and Shri Bhairavanathji.

In this place, the Gods worshipped the Goddess. Pleased with their worship, She granted them a boon. At the time, the influence of Demon lord Raktabhija was prevalent in all the 3 worlds. The Goddess killed Raktabhija at this very place and went to rest in the sanctum sanctorium of Mahakali temple.

Since then Shri Maha Kali yantra is worshipped here. In the temple of Shri Maha Laksmi, there is unbroken Dhuni lit for 3 ages in which Homa is performed daily. At this place the great poet Kalidasji, Dhishva, the blessed son of Mother Saraswathi, attained enlightenment. His birthplace (Siddhapeeth) is Kaviltha village, 5 KM from Kalimath.

Devi Mahatmyam (Markandeya Puran) VIII 40-63 'The Slaying of Raktabhija' (blood seed)

40. Seeing the asuras harassed by the band of Matrs and fleeing, the great asura Raktabija strode forward to fight in wrath.
41. Whenever from his body there fell to the ground a drop of blood, at that moment rose up from the earth asura of his stature.
42. The great asura fought with Indra's shakti with club in his hand; then Aindri also struck Raktabija with her thunderbolt.
43. Blood flowed quickly and profusely from him who was wounded by the thunderbolt. From the blood rose up (fresh)combatants of his form and valour.
44. As many drops of blood fell from his body, so may persons came into being, with his courage, strength and valour.
45. And those persons also sprung up from his blood fought there with the Matrs in a more dreadful manner hurling the very formidable weapons.
46. And again when his head was wounded by the fall of her thunder-bolt, his blood flowed and therefrom were born persons in thousands.
47. Vaisnavi struck him with her discus in the battle, Aindri beat that lord of asuras with her club.
48. The world was pervaded by thousands of great asuras who were of his stature and who rose up from the blood that flowed from him when cloven by the discus of Vaisnavi...
51. From the stream of blood which fell on the earth from him when he received multiple wounds by the spears, darts and other weapons, hundreds of asuras came into being.
52. And those asuras that were born from the blood of Raktabija pervaded the whole world; the devas got intensely alarmed at this.
Raktabhija has been compared to the mind. The more we try to subdue the activity of the mind (thinking) the more thoughts come.
53-54. Seeing the devas dejected, Chandika laughed and said to Kali, 'O Chamunda, open out your mouth wide; with this mouth quickly take in the drops of blood generated by the blow of my weapon and (also) the great asuras born of the drops of blood of Raktabija.
55. 'Roam about in the battle-field, devouring the great asuras that spring from him. So shall this daitya, with his blood emptied, perish.
56. 'As you go on devouring these, other fierce (asuras) will not be born.' Having enjoined her thus, the Devi next smote him (Raktabija) with her dart.
57. Then Kali drank Raktabija's blood with her mouth. Then and there he struck Chandika with his club.
58-60. The blow of his club caused her not even the slightest pain. And from his stricken body wherever blood flowed copiously, there Chamunda swallowed it with her mouth. The Chamunda devoured those great asuras who sprang up from the flow of blood in her mouth, and drank his (Raktabija's) blood.
61. The Devi (Kausiki) smote Raktabija with her dart, thunderbolt, arrows, swords, and spears, when Chamunda went on drinking his blood.
62. Stricken with a multitude of weapons and bloodless, the great asura (Raktabija) fell on the ground, O King.
63. Thereupon the devas attained great joy, O King. The band of Matrs who sprang from them dance, being intoxicated with blood.
Here ends the eighth chapter called 'The Slaying of Raktabija' of Devi-mahatmya in Markandeya-purana, during the period of Savarni, the Manu.
This is the experience at Kali Math; mind is more readily extinguished. Clarity of experience in meditation and sanyama is like nowhere else. Sidha Peeth: by the grace of Kali Maa, one can achieve perfection in their saadhana (inner spiritual endeavors). And needless to say yagyas performed here deliver extraordinary benefits.
2005 October Maha Navaratri

Optimal benefits from specialty yagyas performed at celebrated temples

We've been traveling to India regularly the past 24 years - more than 100 times. Over the years, working with pandit groups associated with different temples, we've found that some temples (dedicated to a particular God or Devata ) specialize in certain yagyas. While they may perform many yagyas, some work better than others. This is due to the God or Devata of the temple and its relevance for particular yagyas. Over the years we've explored and cultivated working relationships with a number of temples specializing in particular yagyas . It's been our experience and more important our clients' experience - this approach works well. (explanation continues below images)

2022 May Akshaya Tritiya Grand Laksmi Yagya
2021 August


India is "Dev Bhumi": land of the Gods. India has many places where the Devata value is lively and accessible. Devata or deeper, Universal reality (God or presiding impulse of natural law) is lively and accessible in and around certain special locations. From one perspective, we can say Devata, land and families living on the land are not seperate. Although they appear as seperate entities, they are in fact, part and parcel of the same reality. It can also be said the reality of the Devata (universal, eternal Law of Nature) has permeated these places since time out of memory. Accordingly, temples are constucted to serve as a focal point. The deeper universal reality (Devata) is not separate from the land, the temple or indeed the families who have lived there for generations. And the pandits born of these families perform our yagyas.

2021 August Naag Panchami

While pandits are integral to the Yagyas - because they recite the mantras and perform the ceremonies - they are not separate from Devata. So the land, temples, and pandits born of the families - are a manifestation of Devata the eternal universal reality - the greater wholeness. Therefore it's fair to say the influence of Devata (grace, blessing) operates through the temple and the pandits who service the temple. In this way, speciality yagyas performed at celebrated Temples deliver the Grace of Devata optimal benefits

2023 March Chaitra/Vasant (Spring) Navaratri

Yagya relieves the suffering due to malefic planets.

Our joys and sorrows in this life are the result of actions (karmas) done in previous births. The fruits of our past actions are mediated or delivered to us through the instrumentality of the 9 planets (Navagraha - 9 forces of nature). Their arrangement in the heavens at the time of birth is a karmic map of our life. Vedic astrology interprets this star map enabling predictions to be derived from it. Planets activate during the period of life allotted to them. A malefic or afflicted planet in the horoscope will bring problems during the period ruled or influenced by it. Yagya relieves the suffering .

Maladies of Mind Body and Circumstance are rectified

2022 April Vasant Navaratri

In celebration of this year's Guru Purnimah Navaratri, we're delighted to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Navaratri Program every day of the year: Support of Nature, Abundance/fullness of life (inner and outer), Protection from negative influences and Realizing your highest goals and aspirations. Regular participation in Navaratri program is one of the most effective ways to progress your life to the next level.

With Navaratri 1 year program (4 Navaratri programs in a year) along with enjoying the accumulating benefits of each program, you also benefit from programs not yet performed. Each program is supported by all 4 programs throughout the year, like pearls on a necklace. And the longer you participate, the more profoundly the benefits integrate into all aspects of your life. Moreover, you'll enjoy a saving of 25% on each program. So instead of an occasional pearl (ad hoc participation) you now have a necklace (1 year program) Testimonial We'd love to have you on board.

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When you participate in Guru Purnimah Navaratri program your life is infused with Shakti: Nature's Organizing Power. You align with the invincible evolutionary flow of Nature's intelligence. This generates a powerful momentum for progress and fulfillment on all levels, inner and outer: Peace Wholeness Invincibility Happiness Fulfillment Harmonious relationships Material affluence and success in your endeavors. Waves of wholeness roll through your life, your family, your community and the world nourishing and evolving all beings at every level of creation.
There are 4 Navaratris each year 9 nights of Mother Divine . Activation of Shakti or Nature's organizing power is the heart of these festivals. And each Navaratri has its own theme. The upcoming Ashadha Navaratri July 6-15 leads up to Guru Purnimah (Full moon of Guru Dev) on 21 July [India]. Guru or spiritual teacher connects us with the Divine - ultimate reality. Guru is the conduit through which Divine Blessings flow into our lives. Guru Purnimah is the day of the year when Guru's influence is most lively and accessible. It is traditional to celebrate and pay homage to our Guru on this day. Guru Purnimah Navaratri (July 6-15) is an ideal opportunity to infuse the benefits of Guru Dev into our life: Support of Nature, Evolution, Liberation, Happiness, Wisdom, Divine Love, Devotion, Fealty and Alignment with Dharma (life purpose).

Our Kaamakhya Pandits are born in Assam. The young Brahmins are clear conduits through which Tripura Sundari Devi's sublime reality is enlivened in our lives in its purity and potency. Yagyas performed here deliver outstanding benefits Kaamakhya temple is famed throughout India as the birth place of Kaama Deva, God of Love. Tripura Sundari, patron Goddess, bestows bhukti (pleasure) and mukti (liberation/enlightenment). She harmonizes and integrates both aspects of life which, from orthodox perspective, are often held as mutually exclusive. More detail

Shri Lalita Devi Laksmi Temple Allahabad

The city of Allahabad is one of India's most ancient and revered cities. Her 3 most sacred rivers - Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswathi converge here. The confluence is known as Sangam or Prayag or Triveni. Kumbh Mela, the world's largest spritual gathering is held here on a 3 year cycle (along with Nashik, Haridwar and Ujjain). 2013 saw 100 million people come together in Allahabad with one purpose: their spiritual growth and liberation. Our Allahabad Pandits will perform Navaratri Yagya at Sri Lalita Devi Laksmi Temple considered one of 51 Shakti Peeths or principal seats of Mother Divine.

Laksmi is inner and outer fullness

She is invoked by those desiring Wealth Happiness and Success. She governs affluence, abundance and success on all levels, from inner realms of spirit, emotions, psychology through outer realms of relationships, career and wealth. She also gives victory over intractable obstacles and great adversity. Laksmi is an excellent remedy for ingrained problems associated with Mercury (Psychology Career). She bestows abundance, prosperity and success.

Kali Math is situated in Himalayas on the way to Kedarnath, half an hour from Guptakashi. It is an ancient place of learning & experience established by Adhi Shankara. It's said he had such profound experience of Kali here that he established it as Kali Math or Monastery (center of learning and experience). Widely regarded as Sidha Peeth and Maha Peeth, one can cultivate deep and quite perfect experience of the sidhis. Due to the profound, pervading influence of Kali, yagyas performed here deliver outstanding benefits.

Navaratri 1 Year Program
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- Morning program = 6 recitations of Durga Saptashati (700 mantras invoking Mother Divine)
- Total 54 recitations over 9 days
- 60 recitation of Kali Kavacham (Armor/Protection of Kali Maa)
- Total 540 recitations Kali Kavacham over 9 days
- Performed by 63 Pandits in 3 celebrated temples each day for 9 consecutive days exclusively on your behalf

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- 50 recitations of Kali Kavacham (Armor/Protection of Kali Maa)
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- 40 recitation of Kali Kavacham (Armor/Protection of Kali Maa)
- Total 360 recitations Kali Kavacham over 9 days
- Performed by 63 Pandits in 3 celebrated temples each day for 9 consecutive days exclusively on your behalf

Level 3 $USD_342 $AUD_504 EURO_297 GBP_261 (4 Programs 1 Year)
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- Durga Puja: Daily invocation of Kali, Laksmi & Saraswathi
- Morning program = 3 recitation of Durga Saptashati (700 mantras invoking Mother Divine)
- Total 27 recitations over 9 days
- 30 recitation of Kali Kavacham (Armor/Protection of Kali Maa)
- Total 270 recitations Kali Kavacham over 9 days
- Performed by 63 Pandits in 3 celebrated temples each day for 9 consecutive days exclusively on your behalf