Kali Math

Kali Math is situated in Himalayas on the way to Kedarnath, half an hour from Guptakashi. It is an ancient place of learning & experience established by Adhi Shankara. It's said he had such profound experience of Kali here that he established it as Kali Math or Monastery (center of learning and experience). Widely regarded as Sidha Peeth and Maha Peeth, one can cultivate deep and quite perfect experience of the sidhis. Due to the profound, pervading influence of Kali, yagyas performed here deliver outstanding benefits. 

Kali is invoked first during 9 days of Navaratri. She is portrayed wearing a garland of heads. This illustrates her role as bestower of liberation by destroying the ego and sense attachements. The head contains the sense organs and is thereby synonymous with limited self concept or ego. By severing the head with the sword of knowledge Kali liberates us. Freed from these fetters, awareness expands. Her darshan or mode of influence is experienced in the heart at the most fundamental levels of awareness; it is experiential not conceptual. She is depicted standing over her sleeping consort, Shiva [The Absolute]. She is the Absolute made lively. Kali arrests the mind and forcibly takes takes it to the absolute. We feel her at the core of our being.

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