Divali Laksmi Yagya
November 12-14
Laksmi's Grand Festival 2020

41 Pandits 2 Temples
Shri Lalita Devi Laksmi Temple Allahabad
Veda Vidalya Ashram Assam

Usd 416 Aud 588 Euro 351 Gbp 333

November 14 Grand Day of Laksmi

Invoked by those desiring Wealth Happiness and Success, Laksmi governs affluence and success from inner realms of spirit, emotions & psychology through outer realms of relationships, career and wealth. She also gives victory over intractable obstacles and great adversity. Laksmi is an excellent remedy for deeply ingrained problems associated with Mercury (Psychology Career). Laksmi bestows abundance, prosperity and success.

November 13 Day of Hanuman

... I meditate on you, O Hanuman, son of the wind-god; grant me strength, intelligence & true knowledge and remove my afflictions and blemishes ...You are an incarnation of Shiva and son of Keshari and you are adored by the whole world on account of your radiance and courage ...You are a great hero with exceptional valor with body as strong as the thunderbolt. You are dispeller of unwholesome thoughts and a companion of good sense & wisdom. The three worlds tremble before your power. No evil spirits dare approach one who utters your name "Mahavir" (great warrior) ... Through devotion to you one obtains Sri Rama (Salvation) and life times of sorrow are swept away

November 12 Day of Dhanvantari

Dhanvantari Jayanti is the appearance day of Lord Dhanvantari who appeared at the churning of the Milk ocean holding Nectar of Immortality (Amrit). He is the God of health & immortality & Ayur Ved - the Vedic holistic science of life. This is the best day of the year to perform yagyas for health and overcoming disease.

3 Day Program

comprises 1008 recitations of Shree Sukta or Laksmi Sukta: celebrated invocation of Laksmi + 54 recitations of Ganapathi Atharva Sheersham : celebrated invocation of Ganesha (remover of obstacles) + 54 recitations of Hanuman Chaleesa.

41 Pandits will perform your program in 2 celebrated Temples including Shri Lalita Devi Laksmi Temple. Located in Allahabad: one of India's most ancient and revered cities, near the confluence of Ganges and Yamuna rivers, Lalita Devi Laksmi Temple is considered one of 51 Shakti Peeths or Most potent and Celebrated places of Mother Divine

Veda Vidalaya Ashram - Assam

We are delighted to welcome new pandits to our Navaratri family. These children of Assam are born from the same soil as Kaamakhya Temple. With guidance and participation of Acharya/Teacher Lekhnath Ghimire, the young Brahmins are clear innocent conduits through which Kameshwari Devi's sublime reality is enlivened in our lives in its purity and potency.