Grand Laksmi Yagya
August 22nd Appearance Day of Lord Ganesha
Auspicious Gain

25 Pandits
1008 Recitations Shree Sukta (Laksmi)
64 Recitations Ganapathi Atharva Sheersham (Ganesha)

Usd 315 Aud 432 Euro 268 Gbp 236

Laksmi is invoked by those desiring Wealth Happiness and Success. She governs affluence and success on all levels, from inner realms of spirit, emotions & psychology through outer realms of relationships, career and wealth; Laksmi bestows abundance, prosperity and success. She also gives victory over intractable obstacles and great adversity. Laksmi is an excellent remedy for deeply ingrained problems associated with Mercury (Psychology Career)

Of Ganesha's attributes, one of His most important is remover of obstacles (Vighneshwara). Traditionally He is invoked at the beginning of important undertakings: most yagyas begin with His invocation. The eldest son of Lord Shiva & Parvati, fruit of the interplay between absolute reality and it's power of manifestation, Ganesha is lord of compassion - divine love. Wisdom is another primary attribute. The Grand day of Lord Ganesha is an opportunity to invoke Divine wisdom & compassion and to clear the way for spiritual and material progress and wellbeing. It's also an ideal time to run yagyas for Mars/Mangala and Ketu.

Program includes 1008 recitations of Shree Sukta or Laksmi Sukta: celebrated invocation of Laksmi + 64 recitations of Ganapathi Atharva Sheersham : celebrated invocation of Ganesha. 25 Pandits will perform your program for approximately 7 Hours

Laksmi and Ganesha are considered a highly auspicious combination known as "Shubha Labha": Gain/Increase of all Good
Veda Vidalaya Ashram - Assam

We are delighted to welcome new pandits to our Navaratri family. These children of Assam are born from the same soil as Kaamakhya Temple. With guidance and participation of Acharya/Teacher Lekhnath Ghimire, the young Brahmins are clear innocent conduits through which Kameshwari Devi's sublime reality is enlivened in our lives in its purity and potency.