2008 Grand or Maha Navaratri yagya celebration. September 30 - October 8
Maha Kali, Maha Laksmi & Maha Saraswathi. 33 Pandits performing in 3 celebrated temples for 9 days:
Kali Math Kali Monastery in Himalayas. Mansa Devi Laksmi temple in Haridwar, Uttaranchal. Sarada Devi Saraswathi temple in Maihar, Madhya Pradesh

Navaratri [nava = 9 ratri = night] or 9 nights of mother divine is a time of cleansing and purification and evolution throughout nature. It is a time when the tide of Sattva or coherence or wholeness of life rises to purge the fragmented, imperfect values of natural law. In vedic mythology it is represented as the time when Shakti [the quintessential power of the universe], champion of the gods, is victorious over the demons. It is a time for light to triumph over darkness

Maha Laksmi (Durga) slaying Mahishaasura the buffalo demon

Harnessing nature's momentum through yagya
Navaratri is also known as 'Durga Puja': 9 day festival celebrating Durga: the Divine Mother - the wholeness or collectedness of God's feminine aspect. Yagyas are traditionally performed during the 9 days to harness the momentum of this window of opportunity. Navaratri or Durga puja yagyas serve to direct this lively flow of nature's intelligence into our daily life to safe guard and enhance our progress & evolution and also to achieve specific goals.

Mansa Devi Laksmi Temple in Haridwar - A New Approach to Navaratri Yagyas

Pilot Program 2007

In 2007 we tried a new approach to Navaratri/Durga Puja yagyas. We transported pandits from Delhi to Haridwar to perform the yagyas inside a celebrated Laksmi temple. Mansa Devi Laksmi Temple is famed throughout Nth India due to the extraordinary liveliness of Maha Laksmi's divine presence. This aspect of Laksmi is known as fulfiller of desires or granter of wishes. The reputation is built on the experiences of generations of pilgrims who find their sincere desires fulfilled and prayers answered after visiting the temple: like seeds planted in fertile soil.

As a result of the charged atmosphere, the yagya performed here was extraordinary. The clients who sponsored this yagya reported outstanding benefits.



Expanded Program 2008
Experiences from the pilot program inspired us to grow. So in February 2008 along with 9 pandits performing yagya at Mansa Devi Temple in Haridwar [see above], we also took 9 pandits to Sarada Maihar - celebrated Saraswathi Temple in Madya Pradesh.

We ran this combined Laksmi/Saraswathi program over two 9 day navaratri periods in 2008; first in February and again in July. Sponsors from more than 5 countries participated in the July program which grew to 13 pandits performing in each temple [total 26 pandits in 2 temples]. Once again the participants reported outstanding results.


Maha Laksmi

is that collectedness of nature's intelligence governing success & affluence on every level of life: from the inner spiritual, emotional & mental realms through to the outer worldly realm: she is worshipped for prosperity. By taking part in this Navaratri Yagya celebration, you will enliven the principle of Maha Laksmi in your life and thereby generate a powerful momentum for success & affluence on every level: inner & outer - happiness, fulfillment & material affluence -
Maha Saraswathi

embodies the “Gyana Akasha” or all pervading knowingness. She presides over all expressions or phases of knowledge: pure and applied. She is worshipped by those seeking the direct experience of the pure knowledge of Enlightenment. She also governs music, the arts, speech, writing & all aspects of learning and creative endeavor. Traditionally,she is worshipped or invoked by those seeking success in artistic endeavor, study, sciences & research and career or vocation.
Maha Kali
Complete Program Oct 2008

However there are 3 primary aspects or forms of Divine Mother: Maha Laksmi [affluence], Maha Saraswathi [intelligence or vocation] & Maha Kali [wholeness or collectedness of all 3]. Wife of Lord Shiva [the absolute], Kali is associated with the wholeness or totality of natural law. In contrast Laksmi & Saraswathi are commonly invoked by those desiring material well being or progress in the relative planes of existence.

Kali is traditionally invoked first in the durga puja; she is the substrate or primordial ground state in which all of creation finds its resting place. She most fully embodies the wholeness or totality of Divine Mother. She is known as Durga - another name for the wholeness of mother divine. She is associated with Parvathi or Uma: Lord Shiva's consort [wife] and mother of the universe. Kali is worshipped or invoked by those seeking enlightenment or liberation [moksha] as well as by those desiring prosperity and well being in the material world. When wholeness is complete the individual elements work properly. They are stronger and more effective.

When Kali is lively, Laksmi and Saraswathi are greater and more propitious [able to bestow desired benefits].
She is portrayed as wearing a garland of human heads. This illustrates here role as bestower of liberation or enlightenment by destroying the ego. The head contains the sense organs and is thereby synonymous with limited self concept or ego. By severing the head with the sword of self knowledge Kali liberates the mind. The awareness expands and is freed from boundaries and self imposed limitations. Her darshan or mode of influence is experienced in the heart and the fullness of awareness. It is a direct experience. It touches us deep inside at the most fundamental level of awareness; it is experiential not conceptual. She is also depicted as standing on or over her consort the sleeping Shiva [the absolute]. She represents the ground state or absolute made lively. In contrast with the sleeping Shiva, Kali arrests the mind. She is proactive and forcibly takes the mind to the absolute. We feel her at the core at of our being.

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Maha Kali, Maha Laksmi & Maha Saraswathi. 33 Pandits performing in 3 celebrated temples for 9 days
For this Grand or Maha Navaratri 9 day yagya festival in October 2008, along with 11 pandits at Mansa Devi Laksmi temple in Haridwar and 11 pandits at Sarada Devi Saraswathi temple in Maihar, a third group of 11 pandits will perform Durga Puja Yagya at Kali Math - ancient Kali Monastery near Guptakashi in Himalayas. Known as Maha Peeth [Great Temple] and Sidha Peeth [place for cultivating perfection], Kali Math was founded by Adi Shankaracharya long ago.
This 9 day program will be performed by a total of 33 pandits in these 3 celebrated temples. Each participant [yajamana] will have 3 pandits [1 in each temple] out of the total group of 33 performing yagya on their behalf.
The reported benefits from the first 2 stages of this navaratri program have been remarkable. Since the last performance in July 2008, the number of temples will increase from 2-3 and likewise the pandit numbers will grow from 26-33. This means approx. 50% increase in size of the program.


Thought you might like to know that J's new show (which we had the yagya done for in July) has consistently been number one for the last couple of months. Everyone agrees it is punching about its weight. Very cool.
All the best

Dear Ganesh
Things are now much calmer. But it certainly has been a rocky few months.
We did sell the house ... now after all that has happened in the world - the stock market collapse etc - I feel that we were very fortunate, the financial context is much clearer now.
All is well.

On the cosmic scale - all is as you predicted. The emotional upheavals have been unrelenting but I felt very supported all along the way - an island of calmness in the midst of the storm.
So in brief, it's all on track - all is as it should be. So thanks again.
Your advice was wonderful and the yagyas worked.

K. NSW, Australia

...Well only you could believe that on day one of the yagya his solicitor wrote to us offering to settle (after 4 years).
This week our accountants have cut a deal with the other side which finalizes the matter. We are now in the process of getting the legal paper work finalized (which has happened without a glitch). Remarkable.

Ganesh this is the conclusion to all of the dramas which began 4 years ago. This is the outcome we have wanted. The paper work has been finalized. So thank you and for your insights into how best to complete this assignment. Also please
thank the Pundits involved.
Remarkable shift.
B Australia

"What a yagya. I think my whole physiology is changing... I think this must be the best yagya ever...The impacts keep on coming. I can feel the pundits coming and going. It is amazing...Can you book me a place for next year?"
PR - Melbourne, Australia

On the days of the yagyas, I devoted myself to saadhana (spiritual practice)- actually I tried to "do" saadhana but could "do" nothing except lie in the saadhana room in a semi-swoon, feeling like I was being "done". The energy was so powerful I was totally unable to function, so I surrendered to it. I suppose this is normal.
I hope you are well and everything is shining in your world.
K, NSW, Australia

...So, I have had some good things to report since the yagya, I have been given a new position at last. It's a promotion with pay increase but the best part is I am back in a department I started from. Only now I'm the manager. The entrance has a sunny aspect, the floor is about to undergo refurbishment so will end up being fabulous ,sleek and contemporary.
The overall outcome for me personally is like coming home with more power. It is also challenging and exciting as it is a much more complex floor. There is less day to day drama and stress and it is more interesting.
At the same time it is not nearly as physically demanding but has more scope to use my creative visual skills. I feel happier at work than I have for ages. While I'm inspired looking forward to new projects, the situation is more balanced.
So on all levels I am very happy about the changes. Thank you and please thank the pundits for me
D. Australia

Regarding this latest yagya, t
he results were immediate, ongoing, astounding and dramatic. Obstacles and threats to the well being of all my family members seemed to be removed overnight and have continued to dissipate throughout succeeding days & weeks.
E. Melbourne, Australia

...and yes for the Laksmi/Saraswathi (as there was an almighty shift towards the positive)
B Australia

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Mansa Devi Laksmi Temple in Haridwar, Uttaranchal

Sarada Devi Saraswathi Temple in Maihar, Madya Pradesh
Kali Math
Village of Kalimath surrounded by KaliGanga [Mandaakini] River

By taking part in this Maha Navaratri yagya you will enliven the principle of Durga or Divine Mother in your life: Maha Kali, Maha Laksmi & Maha Saraswathi. Thereby you will generate a powerful momentum for progress, success & affluence on all levels: inner and outer - happiness, fulfillment, material affluence & career success.