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Career Success
Dear Ganesha , Happy inform you that my son has now got good job in the field of his choice in Europe . All your remedial pujas , yagyas have really worked in the desired time period . Great , Miraculous. This ends his long break of more than 8 months between the job & post graduation which has been a big concern for us. I was concerned as this idle period was driving him to frustration. Regards, R. Dubai

12 Hour Surgery

Regarding R.,  He recovered from 12 hours of surgery with amazing speed and was out of the hospital in 1 week.  This in spite of 3 actual procedures during the 12 hours and loss of copious amounts of blood.  To make it short, he experienced waves of bliss and clairvoyance as he was in the intensive care unit.  His insights were uncanny to those around him and they, and he felt transformed by his insights.  He had never experienced anything quite like that before.  The pathology report post surgery was clean and he returns to work on the 20th of this month.  His doctors are quite surprised at the speed of his recovery. He felt protected and comforted going into the hospital and felt that the yagyas made a significant difference.... I am encouraging him to contact you directly about his experiences as I cannot do them justice and have not heard the full story.  I just wanted to give you an update...

Bad Dream Passing
Hi Ganesha
I thought that I should check in with you. It is hard to believe, but I think that it has all passed. When I think back to how I described my state of mind just a month ago, and most of last year, it seems like a bad dream. I can use the same words but they have no reality for me now. Thank you for your thoughtfulness during this time and for arranging the Yagyas. We have now been living in our new place for the past 2 weeks which has helped – but it had stated to pass before we moved. The mental strife and unease has passed. Thanks J. Australia
Life Purpose
Ganesha, I had a realization when I woke up this morning, and let it sit quietly all day to confirm its validity on my deep feeling level before writing you. I sense the Pitru Shanti (and other programs) effects starting to manifest in a broad, "easing" sort of way rather like a Spring snowmelt reveals the earth, which then starts to thaw. In a nutshell, I just can't do what I have been doing up til now for so many decades... ... the only thing left is to finally commit to dharma (life purpose)... R.USA
Dear Ganesha, thank you for the beautiful yagyas, I am completely in bliss. My life and my meditation programs have changed tremendously . I feel so centered .... getting more and more in touch with Shiva .... Love K. Germany

More Myself

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what is doing what. I feel more loving... I am doing better with my writing. Money is coming unexpectedly from unexpected sources. I am very tired over doing it with the increase of bliss -have to be careful. I feel like a different person or more myself than I have been in many many many years.. N, USA

Protection from Enemies
Dear Ganesha
The Yagya has been quite amazing. Firstly on the day of the yagya I felt a bit sick; the following day I felt amazing and in the days that followed, the one who had been giving me grief was asked to leave until she can have a more positive attitude! As for the other one, I am not sure, but so far, no problems from her side. I have to say also that it seemed to me as if the yagya had started from the day after I contacted you because on that day it's as if the universe had already sent a blessing to support the situation with both of these people. Wow! Am impressed!! Thanks heaps!!!!!! S. Australia

This Yagya worked brillianlty as the people who were trying to force my mother into a Nursing Home against her wishes and mine, simply backed off:  I never heard from them again. R. NSW
Today K. had a scan showing that Cancer has not grown for a year. So that is great news for us, especially when the radiation professor told him to say his goodbyes and expect very little time beyond last November.

Then when he suddenly had all that pain over Christmas I thought well this is it. Then the yagya you did for him seemed to take away the pain. That pain was considered to be the adhesions which 'suddenly' one week after the yagya resolved in one day...and I have been meditating very regularly since June last year: night and morning. S. NSW

New life
Dear Ganesha
I just wanted to let you know the things that happened during the Ketu yagya and to thank you again for doing this for me and really for my family as well.

During the week of the yagya settlement occurred on the property I had for sale & the money was deposited into my account. The final papers were signed on the estate of my late husband and the contesting of the will (which had been brewing for some time) was successfully resolved.

I traveled north last weekend to help my daughter move and to look at a house she thought would suit me. I made an offer & it was accepted. It is a little cottage and perfect for what I had hoped to purchase. I still find it hard to believe the right place was there at a price I could manage, but then I believe the universe was helping me yet again. Best wishes to you and your family, M.

Regarding Vedic Astrology & Yagyas

One of the central themes of our lives is building security. We build our careers and accumulate assets and wealth so that we are not economically vulnerable. We visit doctors and other health professionals; take medicines and supplements; modify our diets; and take exercise; to maintain our bodies. We constantly seek to maintain or improve our relationships.

Unfortunately, all our efforts can be totally undermined by catastrophes coming "out of the blue". We all know of "perfect families" that are devastated by a car accident or a member contracting a deadly disease. Our life's saving can be wiped out by actions happening in some far-off economy. We strive to protect our children but know that there are many things that we cannot offer protection against.

That is why jyotish (vedic astrology) and yagya are such an incredible blessing. With the right skill, dangers can be detected before they arrive. We can also see when the best times are, so that we can take full advantage. Not only are we "fore-warned" but with the application of "vedic-engineering" (yagyas) we can actually change the outcomes in our favour. This is a huge contribution to our ability to gain and maintain happy secure lives for ourselves and our families.

I have had the good fortune to verify the accuracy of Ganesh's jyotish (vedic astrology) and the efficacy of the yagyas that he arranges in my own life. I am simply left with a wonderment at the workings of the universe and an overwhelming gratitude for his help. Regards, PJ.

Dear Ganesha The health yagya is now still in progress while the others are complete. You may remember that part of the sankalpa was for "freedom from diabetes." I thought that you would enjoy knowing that I had my blood sugar tested a few days ago. The lab report just came back, and I have gone from 132 to 101 -- fully diabetic to one point above normal! I can only attribute such a rapid and radical transformation to the yagyas. So they are working even while they are still in progress! Thank you so much. M. California
Pitru Shanthi
Dear Ganesha
Many thanks for your help in both suggesting and arranging the Pitru Shanthi for me. The results have been amazing! The mindless resistance to everything that I do has all but evaporated and life has ceased to be a struggle. I have found that my desires are now more easily fulfilled and people are reacting to me in a more positive way.

Work has come my way after a very long dry spell! I am finding that my problems usually tend to solve themselves now. Before, if anyone attacked me, onlookers would usually side with the attacker even when they were manifestly acting illegally and morally in the wrong, now, I’m getting the support.

This is only early days yet, so hopefully there will be even more improvement but even if there is no further improvement, the results have justified spending the money! I’m so encouraged, that I’m going to have further Yagyas done. Kind Regards, Rochelle
Dear Ganesha, either I am experiencing the hugest coincidence or the effect of the Yagyas is astounding. The first day of this yagya, I slept late in the morning, and then slept for 3 and a half hours during the day. This is not something I ever do. During this time, I have felt a resurgence of physical energy, and I always have a lot of energy anyway. It seems as though I am literally not dragging something around with me, some metallic body that I have been carrying for decades..

It also feels as though I have recovered something I had lost a long time ago, a kind of grace. It is physical, energetic, emotional. I am very grateful.

Thank you. My (spiritual) practice is improving too...

Oh Ganesha, yesterday was such a beautiful day. And today is crystal clear. Thank you so much for helping me. I have cleared something I have been working on for most of my life. Now to test this new self and begin again over and over and over. What joy! Thank you. May you and your family and all your loved ones, the Pundits, and all India be well and prosperous this 2009! Joy! Love, C.

Stormy seas
Dear Ganesha
Things are now much calmer. But it certainly has been a rocky few months.
We did sell the house ... now after all that has happened in the world - the stock market collapse etc - I feel that we were very fortunate, the financial context is much clearer now. All is well.
On the cosmic scale - all is as you predicted. The emotional upheavals have been unrelenting but I felt very supported all along the way - an island of calmness in the midst of the storm. So in brief, it's all on track - all is as it should be. So thanks again. Your advice was wonderful and the yagyas worked. K, NSW, Australia

Saraswathi blessings
The green light was given to J's new show(after yagya was performed) - discussions about giving it the go-ahead had earlier stalled with indications that it would not be commissioned. Production is now underway and all is going smoothly.

Thought you might like to know that J's new show (which we had the yagya done for in July) has consistently been number one for the last couple of months. Everyone agrees it is punching about its weight. Very cool. All the best 2008 L. NSW, Australia
Confidence @ primary school

...Lastly, the Saturn Yagya for E. was magic. Thank you ever so much. he is much more able to control his swinging moods, he discusses more, lets out his emotions in a much more acceptable and calm way. He seems more settled and happy. It was the perfect time ... he is facing issues at school with more confidence, he is determined to be treated fairly, he is happier and a little cheeky instead of internal and morose. He still has his moments of anger etc., but much more controlled and he is usually able to get to the root of any problem and ask for what he needs rather than suffering in silence. Thank you again. P. Victoria

...Can you remember when we first did a reading for my son, just how much he was suffering - bullying at school, confusion, wanting to communicate, but not knowing how, without much self confidence and then we did the yagya and then after that everything seemed to improve - well talk about improvement I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am and how happy and confident he has become.

Last week was school carols and he was invited to play in the secondary school band for the concert (he is in primary school). In the past he would have been frightened and confused and worried, but not anymore. He was fired up and keen to go and managed to learn the songs in 3 days. The guys in the band were very nice to him and encouraging and this time he really heard them giving him praise and advice. It was lovely to see.

On top of this fabulous achievement he even applied for the school captain position at school. Six months ago he would have wanted to and then agonized and been torn about whether to even put his name in the ring. Well - on Friday he got the job!! E. is now captain of the primary school for 2009 - We are amazed, excited, proud and happy for him and I think he feels the same way about himself which is the most important. I am very grateful for your help and cannot thank you enough. P. Victoria, Australia

Beyond location
Yagyas performed in India for clients situated in Australia
What a yagya. I think my whole physiology is changing... I think this must be the best yagya ever...The impacts keep on coming. I can feel the pundits coming and going. It is amazing...Can you book me a place for next year?
PR - Melbourne, Australia

On the two days the yagyas were performed, I devoted myself to saadhana (spiritual practice)- actually I tried to "do" saadhana but could "do" nothing except lie in the saadhana room in a semi-swoon, feeling like I was being "done". The energy was so powerful I was totally unable to function, so I surrendered to it. I suppose this is normal.
I hope you are well and everything is shining in your world. K, NSW, Australia
End of 4 years litigation

Well only you could believe that on day one of the yagya his solicitor wrote to us offering to settle (after 4 years).
This week our accountants have cut a deal with the other side which finalizes the matter. We are now in the process of getting the legal paper work finalized (which has happened without a glitch). Remarkable.
Ganesh this is the conclusion to all of the dramas which began 4 years ago. This is the outcome we have wanted. The paper work has been finalized. So thank you and for your insights into how best to complete this assignment. Also please thank the Pundits involved. Remarkable shift. B Australia

So, I have had some good things to report since the yagya, I have been given a new position at last. It's a promotion with pay increase but the best part is I am back in a department I started from. Only now I'm the manager. The entrance has a sunny aspect, the floor is about to undergo refurbishment so will end up being fabulous ,sleek and contemporary.
The overall outcome for me personally is like coming home with more power. It is also challenging and exciting as it is a much more complex floor. There is less day to day drama and stress and it is more interesting.
At the same time it is not nearly as physically demanding but has more scope to use my creative visual skills.I feel happier at work than I have for ages. While I'm inspired looking forward to new projects, the situation is more balanced.
So on all levels I am very happy about the changes. Thank you and please thank the pundits for me. D. Australia
3 year old diagnosed with seizures
Hi Ganesh,
I have some amazing news. On the 39th day after Mia's first Yagya [40 days = predicted maturity period [Ganesh]], she stopped having her drop attacks (seizures) completely!!!!!! I mean, going from hundreds per day, to nothing, not even one!!!! Today was the 13th day that she has been able to walk around freely and unassisted. And because her medication never did anything for her anyway, I have weaned her off completely and now she is drug free too!!!!! I just cant believe it's over...
I actually held off telling you because I wanted to see how long this would last, but I am convinced this is for keeps.
I am so so so grateful to you, to the pundits, to god, to everyone and everything involved in leading me down this path towards Mia's healing.
I am actually feeling overwhelmed, how did we come to deserve this when there are so many people suffering in the world?
How can I ever be grateful enough?
I don't know what else to say. I am just so grateful!
With Immense Gratitude
Hayley and Mia
PS and she climbed a flight of stairs all by herself today (twice), she hasn't done this in over a year and a half.....

Finding the way
I had reached a very hard stage in my life. I had suffered loss of my job, followed by the death of my brother-law-in, followed three months later by the death of my younger brother, followed by a breakdown in my relationship. I needed to move to another state to attend to my brother's affair's.

This was all too much grief and loss. I was floundering, sad and unable to function. I contacted Ganesh to see what was happening in my chart and how long this period was to last. Unfortunately this stage was to continue for another few months.
He suggested a Yagya for me. He gave me the dates and instructions as to what I should do during the yagya. He told me that to some degree the future would need to unfold, but the yagya would ease the burden and allow me to deal with the problems calmly and with dignity.

During the eight days of the yagya, at first I felt quite ill, this passed and I began to feel quieter and slowly I felt the life return to me. I began to feel very peaceful and could see very clearly my direction and position in life. I do not ever remember feeling as positive and calm as I have since the Yagya has been completed. It is now almost 2 weeks, and I have had the usual low days, but have felt at peace with myself and the low times have paled in insignificance.
Thank you Ganesh, Barbara, Australia
First Prize
Dear Ganesh, Wanted to let you know while you are still in India so that you can pass on my heartfelt thanks in person to the pundits who performed my daughter's Venus Yagya...We're just home from the screening of the Australian Student Short Film Awards at Federation Square...she and her friend won 1st prize for their section [Years 7 to 10] and then proceeded to also win the Grand prize for the evening, beating the year 10, 11 and 12's... It means so much to me on so many levels so thank you so much for all your support, help and organization of the Indian side of things. I feel such relief as much as anything. It's all going to be OK. love and blessings, J Australia

Supreme court
"The vedic realm delivered the protection - the arrows bounced off - for many hours the barrister asked long, tricky questions and I was able to answer all of them. So I now know what that term "arrows bouncing off" means. Thanks and please pass on my appreciation to the pundits. B Australia"


Dear Ganesh, I thought you might be interested in the visible manifestations of my saturn yagya. The most significant change was probably in my daughter rather than in me. At 10 she had become argumentative, confrontational and very needy. We had been working on this for some time. The week after the yagya she totally changed. Not her personality, but her attitude. She suddenly, overnight became helpful, discursive rather than argumentative, co-operational rather than confrontational and discussed what she needed to be happier. For her it was a great relief to be able to manage without becoming catty, angry or solitary. For me it was also a great relief and I could now relax and trust that she was OK; wonderful for both of us. It seems my yagyas are destined to help those close to me. PR. Victoria, Australia

Subtle Bliss
My general feeling during performance of yagya is that of having a peaceful, calm mind. One feels as if wrapped in a cocoon of subtle bliss. Maybe like a meditation with open eyes? I feel I have a natural shield against stress and negative influences. In my daily life I mostly feel being more in harmony with my surroundings. I feel very fortunate having come into contact with these pundits. H.,Norway

Father & daughter
"Hi Ganesh, Just wanted to let you know I'm feeling sooooo much better after that wonderful yagya. There has been a total shift in the dynamics between my father and I which is very liberating . Thank you for all your assistance in this.
Bye for now, A.W. Australia"

Mother & daughter
" I think it’s fair to say that my daughter is in a better frame of mind than she was a week ago. In the last few days she’s started a major overhaul of her room - last time she did a really big clean out was about 2 years ago! To me that shows a pretty significant shift in energy and motivation. Is it really possible that it would affect me too? How does that work? Is it coincidental that I’ve had a big creative breakthrough on something I’ve been trying to come to grips with for a few years – all the pieces seem to have come together and I finally know what direction I’m going in to try to achieve something creatively now...
Hi Ganesh, I’d be happy for you to use this [testimonial]– I feel very privileged to have access to these yagyas. Please give my thanks to Pandit Satapathy too."
J, Australia
Powerful, subtle & truly sublime
Dear Ganesh: Thank you . The experience of today was unusual in that though my partner was projecting his anger at me it didn't seem to continue as much .We had to go downtown for some errands and every where I went and spoke to people they were kind and receptive to me in a way that was notably different . When I got back in the afternoon I fell into a deep sleep until 7:00 pm. I'm feeling a deep sense of relief overall.

In addition there's been an arrival of a new job opportunity that could be a very pleasant sideline and I met a new sales associate that I know will be very helpful in completing some of my entrepreneurial ideas. I find this truly amazing as things just seemed to fall into place in our discussions and similar outlooks.

Through out these last 3 days of the yagya sit seems like I've been flying through a vast array of emotions at hyper-light speed, general elation at times,even a joyous kind of giddiness. I suddenly even remembered one of my favorite childhood songs that used to make me smile, something I thought I had lost forever. The experience of the yags has been powerful, subtle, and truly sublime and I'm sure that's only the beginning.

A yogi friend gave me a large poster of Ganesh for my wall and when I was staring at it last night ,it was as if it was smiling back at me. For some reason I don,t think that I was a merely imagining it.

I wish you all the the best and my deepest gratitude and appreciation .I know this is just the beginning and in due course I would like to commission yagyas for my whole family. Kind regards Helen, Canada
End of grey skies
"The ultimate experience of my yagya was that my joy came back. It was like the storm clouds parting and letting the sun shine through. Life had been clouded by a succession of stresses and I had not seen it for a long time. ..." JN, Australia

"We have been desperately trying to get assistance ... for two years, but this is the first time that they have actually taken action... this is a turning point in his recovery, definitely the result of divine grace." NB Australia

“ Before they did the yagya my mind was rampant – but since- the negative part of the mind hasn’t had the power…its just so weird…its just wonderful…its such a difference…and I’ve been really reveling in the difference. It’s such peace.” Johanna, Northern Rivers, Australia

“… B. broke off the relationship the day I spoke to you… and then reinstated it Sunday. Must be the power of God " Irinah, Sydney

Lifting the veil of negativity

Dear Ganesh, I don't know how much to thank you for helping me in my emotional and spiritual healing with the Yagya which you organized for me since Monday.

Since early February I have been suffering from personal attack by peers, public humiliation and embarrassment for absolutely no reason that I could see. I felt like my Committee was against me and did everything to put me down. I felt bullied, betrayed and unjustly blamed for things I hadn't even done. Everything I did was turning into negative and hurt for me. I was blessed to have my family beside me who never lost faith in me and supported me all the way. However, this didn't discount the fear, anxiety and sick feeling in the gut which I got every time I had to meet up with the Committee members on a weekly basis. I would dread these meetings and fear what each one would bring. Undoubtedly each one did bring more and more emotional pain.

This is why I sought you out Ganesh because I knew that something must have been going in with the stars. I felt that there was some negative energy that was falling over me and I knew that you would have an explanation, as you indeed did. Everything that I tried to do to protect myself (thinking of a mirror image to reflect the bad back, wearing protective Essential Oils, praying..) and to help the situation, would not help or ease it. Even when I tried to do a good thing to praise the Committee for their hard work, they turned it around and made it look like I was doing it for self glory rather than to thank and appreciate them.

Amazingly since around 11.00am yesterday (Monday) and the Yagya was to start around 12noon to 1pm, I started to feel positive effects like some negative veil was being lifted. According to your suggestion, I prepared myself that morning prepared myself for the first day of the yagya - remembering to be more inward and meditative and try to fast. I played some Mantras in the morning and burnt incense trying to connect energetically with what was about to happen.

Well the first sign occurred around 11.00am when I was actually payed a compliment by the main bully in the Committee. She complimented me on the report which I had written for the evening meeting. I was astounded. She had never before payed me a compliment. The other thing which happened was that the weekly morning meeting ran really smoothly which it hasn't thus far since early February. I immediately noticed the difference.

The next amazing thing was in the evening when I delivered my speech, I received many compliments from the audience not only about my speech but also about the wonderful job I am doing as President of the Committee. Lastly, the most surprising thing was when the Bully approached me in the lift, when we were tidying up at the end of the night, to tell me what a great job I am now doing!?!

The next day (today) I received another phone call from the other bully who rang me to say how much she appreciated my speech when I thanked the Committee for their hard work. She also apologized for having been harsh a few meetings ago! I could not believe my ears. I expected them to say that the speech was written to make myself look good yet this time they truly saw it for what it was, a genuine thank you for their work.

I know that these are the effects of the yagya and I can really feel them energetically. Gone is that fear element and that horrible anxiety which I was only feeling yesterday morning. I am now grateful for having had this experience as it has taught me so many great things. Firstly, I needed to feel this suffering on a personal and deep level to really get it. I would never have sought out a yagya at this level had it not been for the pain I was feeling. No amount of Vitamins, massages etc was going to shift that black burden that I was feeling. Secondly, I feel that I can now help others heal knowing what I have experienced and being a healer myself. I see this experience as a gift to be shared with others. I pray that my experience will convince others to trust in this amazing process which is steeped in such amazing tradition and antiquity. It has been tried and tried again for countless generations. You just have to trust in the process and go with it. Thirdly, it has confirmed my theory and approach in life which is that every bad (or so it seems) experience has a meaningful message.

Thank you Ganesh for putting me in touch with this beautiful way of healing and thank you for the organization and dedication that you give it. May you be blessed and thank you for sharing this special gift with me. With love and appreciation, Jana xxxx Namaste

Life Partner
Dear Ganesh, When Anty said during my Nadi remedy that I would have a happy relationship by July 2007, I did not believe him. My history of failed relationships and my age made it all seem impossible to me.
I did feel the yagyas were changing me inside and that they were removing a lot of negative emotion from the past, especially during my sleep and dreams. I have just spent the past few weeks in amazement as a man I met at work (since I haven't gone out of my way to meet anyone in any way) has told me he cares about me and thinks we could have a fantastic relationship. He has been interested in me for the past 6 months but
I only recently started laughing and joking with him and caring for him far more than I expected since we seem to have so much in common.
All Anty said was that he was divorced and he is.Many thanks to those in India and to you.
I am still in shock at this development but very, very happy. Very grateful, P, Australia

My heart is singing
Dear Ganesh, I am feeling really good the last few days. The best I have felt for ages. The phrase that keeps coming to mind is that "my heart is singing". Please pass on my deep appreciation to the Pundits involved. S, Author, Company director, Qld, Australia

Clearing Fog
Even though I decided to go ahead with the Nadi remedies, I had a good deal of skepticism. I was told that these remedies would take place on a particular date in the month. 3 weeks before this time I noticed a profound difference in my state of being, I felt like I had stepped out of the fog. Suddenly difficulties that I had been experiencing for months lifted and I felt like a new person. To say the least I was surprised a couple of days later to receive an email explaining that the Nadi remedies had been performed earlier than scheduled and in fact they were completed on the day that I experienced this profound change of being. It has been over 9 months now since the remedies were done and the difficulties I was experiencing before this time have not returned. (Psychotherapist, 49, Australia)

Background on Mia Grace Perrott

I started to notice Mia was delayed at around 12months of age. Between 18months and 2 years, many tests were performed on Mia to try and find a reason for her delay. The tests came back fine. 10 days after Mia’s second birthday she started to have drop attacks (sudden falling to the ground). These attacks occurred hundreds of times a day, leaving Mia confined to padded spaces and unable to walk around freely so as to avoid serious injury.

She either had to be confined, held or strapped into a pram 24/7.
After many stays in hospital we decided the best place to treat Mia was from home as there was very little they could do for her in hospital.The doctors diagnosed Mia with Epilepsy after performing an EEG. However, I had questioned the EEG consultant about what she saw. I was told Mia was not actually having seizures according to EEG findings.

She was having triggers (the thing that happens before a seizure).
Now, for the last year and a half Mia has been subject to very high doses of medications, and at times, 3 all at once (maxed to their highest doses).
However, none of these were to have any affect on Mia other than to hinder any normality she may have experienced because she was made subdued and in a zombie like state.
At one point Mia slept for 20-22hrs of the day for a week and a half straight.

During this time Mia was also given a clinical diagnosis of Rett Syndrome. This based on her mannerisms only, as she did not actually carry the gene for Retts.
By this time, I began to feel increasingly uncomfortable with the diagnoses and became frustrated with the high levels of medications being given to Mia, as they were having no positive effects...

The first Yagya was performed on November 24th 2007. 8 days of Yagya.
From the very first night it was evident that something very profound was happening. Mia woke in the night and was awake for several hours and very hyperactive, laughing, squealing, babbling and jumping up and down in her cot, non-stop for hours!
This happened for not one or two nights, but for all eight. Mia had been known to do this on the odd occasion, but never for 8 nights running. The following night after the Yagya had finished, Mia slept right through. 

Mia has had 3 Yagya’s performed (Karla Sharpa Santhi, Mercury and Rahu). The most noticeable changes in Mia came on Jan 2nd 2008 when Mia stopped having drop attacks. This change came 39days after Mia’s second Yagya (mercury) was performed. After being told that I would start to see changes around 40 days after the Yagya begun, I had fully expected to see something transformational. And I did.
Mia’s drop attacks have not returned, and for the first time in 1 ½ years, Mia is Medication and Seizure free!!!

This result is obviously a major breakthrough and I am extremely grateful to everyone involved. We still have a long way to go with Mia, as she is still non-verbal, has very little communication skills, poor digestion, cross eyed, and some autistic like behaviors.
I believe the Yagya can bring Mia a quality of life, like no other. I am in for the long-haul and am committed to giving Mia the best possible outcome.

Please pass on my sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone involved.

Kindest Regards
Hayley Rikihana

17 Nov 2007
Hi Ganesh, Sorry to be so persistent, i am just really worried for Mia, she is just getting worse everyday and I am quite anxious to get started.
I have just transferred the dakshina, please let me know when it will get started.
With gratitude.

23 Nov 2007
Hi Ganesh, Just an update on Mia. I am blown away by her turnaround in such a short time. Last week she was so lethargic after 8 weeks of constant drop attacks (sudden falling to the ground), that she was just bedridden almost, she couldn't hardly move and walking was more like a stagger, I was really worried and stressing out. Now she is full of energy and smiling and walking around and being mischievous. I am so happy to see her so full of beans!!!
She still has a long ways to go as her development is that of around a 12month old. But I have faith that a miracle WILL happen and I'm extremely grateful for her progress so far.
On another note, I cant ever remember being so lethargic myself. I am usually a very motivated person, on the go all day. But this week I have been so tired and feeling very low, I even want to go back to bed at around 10am, very odd for me!!
I'm not letting it get me down, but I'm just wondering could it have anything to do with Mia's Yagna?
It could just be that I am run down and need a good rest....
Many thanks

16 Dec 2007
Hi Ganesh, I have been to see Dr Yeoh a few times this week for different things and he has noticed a difference in Mia's demeanor noting that she is a lot calmer and said he is happy with her progress. He is right. Usually our trips to Dr Yeoh are long and tiresome for mia as her threshold for being in public places is very low and she almost always cries and becomes very angry or agitated and this will not usually stop until we leave. We saw dr Yeoh 3 times this week, and 2 of the visits including waiting times were around an hour and a half to 2 hours. During these times Mia was very content and happy to just be. Very, very unusual for Mia. I was so relieved that Mia was able to be calm and not get herself into a state.
Mia's drop attacks are still very much with her right now, but I know in time that will heal too. She has been sleeping well for most of the week and not waking up in the night like she did with the last yagya. This time round it seems to be having a much calmer affect.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.

1 Jan 2008
Hi Ganesh, Thank you for the confirmation I am eager to get started on the next yagya as you know...

I have to say since the beginning of the Yagyas, the most noticeable changes in Mia have been (and this is huge for Mia) that we can now go out and about at any time of day, to just about anywhere, and Mia is totally ok with it. Before Mia's threshold for being in public places was extremely low and most outings were very stressful for her and I.
Mia coped amazingly well for being out and around all the christmas crowds, and for long periods of time. Most of the time she seemed to enjoy the experience, giggling and smiling all the time.
As a mother, I know this has given Mia a greater quality of life that others could only take for granted. And for this I am grateful and humbled.

Mia has also started using emotions again, as a form of communication. Sometimes she is over the top happy and sometimes over the top angry. But for me, this is bliss because for so long Mia has been shut off from her emotions. For the most part she is happy and giving out smiles and kisses freely. She has also become very affectionate and no longer pushes me away when trying to cuddle her. As I'm sure you could imagine this is the greatest gift a parent could ask for...

I have no doubt Mia is improving because of the work the Yagyas are performing on Mia. We are very fortunate and blessed we are to have found you.

Until I have more good news for you.
God Bless

15 Jan 2008
Hi Ganesh, I have some amazing news. On the 39th day after Mia's first Yagya, she stopped having her drop attacks (seizures) completely!!!!!! I mean, going from hundreds per day, to nothing, not even one!!!! Today was the 13th day that she has been able to walk around freely and unassisted. And because her medication never did anything for her anyway, I have weaned her off completely and now she is drug free too!!!!! I just cant believe it's over...
I actually held off telling you because I wanted to see how long this would last, but I am convinced this is for keeps.
I am so so so grateful to you, to the pundits, to god, to everyone and everything involved in leading me down this path towards Mia's healing.
I am actually feeling overwhelmed, how did we come to deserve this when there are so many people suffering in the world?
How can I ever be grateful enough?
I don't know what else to say. I am just so grateful!
With Immense Gratitude
Hayley and Mia
PS and she climbed a flight of stairs all by herself today (twice), she hasn't done this in over a year and a half.....

You asked me to write about my diamond. This is harder than I expected, because it brought about such a fundamental shift in my world-view. And in combination with the changes that took place - it almost seems surreal.

For 4 years I have known that a diamond of Jyotish quality and proper setting could benefit my life by strengthening my Venus. Ganesh recommend when reading my Jyotish chart. I have always been attracted to the beauty and simplicity of diamonds, which may have been due to the fact that Venus was debilitated in my horoscope.

I made inquiries about a diamond, looked and dreamed, but no action came from my investigations (this may have been partly due to the debility of Venus is my chart).

About 12 months ago diamonds started to appear everywhere; in discussions, in cross word puzzles, in pictures, doodles, and in the search for a logo for my new business which has since been called Diamond Life Coaching (Registered October 22nd 2007). It became a bit of a joke between my husband and myself. It was getting ridiculous. It was time to act.

I contacted a jeweller recommended by Ganesh and from the moment I made the commitment to buy my stone, my life changed. Opportunities began to present themselves and I was able to move forward in many areas of my life that had been stagnant. The movement was gentle, but I could feel the diamond sitting in the safe 2000km away, and I knew it was mine. The jeweller was caring, considerate and he relished the opportunity. Ganesh’s recommendation was correct.

When the ring came (December 5th) I was tempted to put it on, but I resisted even touching this beautiful thing. I was waiting for the perfect time and day. I could not help opening the box many times just to look at it. I sensed a part of me was sitting in that box, something that I had been missing. It was almost like pining after a loved one, a missing friend or sibling. This materialistic, concrete item was having a profound effect on me emotionally. I was surprised and fascinated by this.

When the time came to first wear the ring and I wriggled it into place, my heart became instantly calm and in a single moment my world acuteness of vision, a clarity, a deep sense of focus...I felt a wash of powerful emotion that was grounding and at the same time energizing. I was truly amazed and could not stop smiling. I felt like “a bit of a goose” standing in the garden smiling like an idiot, but I felt so good, right and energized. My vision cleared and the edges of everything were clearer and the sky was so very blue and the trees so very alive. It was a vital new day and I could breathe. It was as if I had been holding my breath my whole life and now the air moved more freely in and out of my lungs -refreshing and revitalizing me. This from a ring – hard to believe, but spectacular to feel.

It was a profoundly moving and positive experience. The energy of the diamond and its effects were essentially like coming home after a holiday. You have a great time away, but there is a sincere pleasure in coming home to the beauty of the familiar. The diamond on my finger was like coming home. In fact it was such an intimate part of me it was invisible to the people around me. My husband and children did not even notice it on my finger. I had to point it out. I thought I would spend the next few days explaining my ring to my friends and acquaintances, but no one noticed. This rather large, and to me powerfully obvious ring, was a part of me.

In the months since this auspicious morning I have felt more balanced and clear. The ring’s effects have become familiar. The benefits have stayed and are probably just as powerful as they were in the first few days, but now I am used to the change and I like it. It feels natural instead of miraculous. I never imagined that a gemstone could have such a profound effect. I am very grateful to Ganesh for his recommendation.

So many great things are happening...
Since the Yagya my life has somehow speeded up ... ... ... it is so interesting and fast changing that it is almost impossible to stay in control of it..... is spinning and unfolding in an amazing speed. The yagya itself was very powerful. Interestingly I am more aware of the afternoon sessions.... ... ... if I don't watch the time and am busy doing something like grocery shopping suddenly I realize that I feel different, like feeling dizzy or far away , I have to go home since the feeling gets stronger and stronger...

So many great things are happening... my father is loving the times I am with him in his house !!!!! He is so grateful for everything that I am doing for him!!!! just me being there makes him happy !!!!!!! can you imagine? Bitterness, disappointment and misunderstandings from a whole lifetime is lifting !!! Even my sister is praising me .

I started cleaning and clearing his house, 4 strong man where carrying a whole day stuff and clutter out of the house . We ended up with 19 cubic meters of junk !!!!

Last sunday we had a family event in C's family ... ... my sister in law had ordered 6 pieces of my artwork, well I took about 20 pieces with me ... and guess what ... .... the end of the weekend every bit was sold !!!! Also my other sister in law helped me to set up a website,what I wanted to do for ages .... .......

Today I got my tax done , had two important calls with an insurance and telephone company, which where difficult to deal with for month,, decorated a shop window with my work and was lying half the day completely high and blissed out in bed , the gold just streaming through me.... .... ...
Wow Ganesha ..... .... there is certainly something happening ... Lots of love from K

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