Mehandipur Balaji (Hanuman)

... I meditate on you, O Hanuman, son of the wind-god; grant me strength, intelligence & true knowledge and remove my afflictions and blemishes
...You are an incarnation of Shiva and son of Keshari and you are adored by the whole world on account of your radiance and courage
...You are a great hero with exceptional valor with body as strong as the thunderbolt. You are dispeller of unwholesome thoughts and a companion of good sense & wisdom. The three worlds tremble before your power. No evil spirits dare approach one who utters your name "Mahavir" (great warrior)
... Through devotion to you one obtains Sri Rama and life times of sorrow are swept away

These are the Translated words of the Hanuman Chaleesa. A Mantra dedicated to Hanuman, the patron of this temple. Hanuman is also known as Balaji; The strong one. Such is the feeling when you enter this temple and such is the feeling that you leave with. Hanuman is able to change size at will, leap high enough to take a bite out of the sun and face off against armies of powerful demons; hanuman is invoked to overcome obstacles whether internal, external, emotional, physical, solid, permeable conceptual or corporeal. Balaji is there to make sure you are standing strong at end of all your trials ready to fight another day.

The real treasure however, lies in the fourth chamber of the temple. There a Murthi (idol) of Pret Raj (King of departed souls/ghosts) dominates a large blackened marble antechamber. It is here people come to be exorcised from evil spirits, to confront the darkness within them and have Mahavir (Hanuman) guide them to sanity. The temple is a haven for pilgrims sufferings from mental illness or resisted experiences. Yagyas performed here are exceedingly effective.