Arudra Nakshatra : In Mithuna from after 6°-40´ to 20°. The presiding deity is Rudra, the wielder of the trident. The symbol is a tear-drop. The lord of Arudra is Budha, when the Sun enters Arudra the earth is said to be starting its menstrual course that is "Ambobachi". Arudra means wet or surcharged with water, that is fat. Because the earth is running her menstrual course there are teardrops falling one after another. From Rudra comes all suffering, persecutions and oppressions, anger, ferocity of countenance or hideousness of noise. Rudra is another name of Shiva, the "five-faced" [Panchaanana]. In knowledge, asceticism, renunciation, as also in enjoyment, he is the supreme consummation of all desires. He is the blue-throated one, the wielder of the most tremendous powers, what could not be attempted, far less achieved by other Gods, when the churned Ocean at the time of 'Samudra Manthan' exhaled poison Siva achieved quite simply by holding the poison in his throat [turning it blue]. On one side he is the symbol of the most perfect placidity and serenity, on the other hand he is the symbol of all that is terrible. He holds the great serpent on his head and on his forehead crescent Moon with his sweet-soft light. He is at the same time the most peaceful and also the most terrible. And in all these are to be traced the intrinsic characteristics of Arudra. On the surface of it Arudra stands for suffering, hardness, cruelty, murder, prison, theft, adultery, etc. The root characteristic is oppression - in order to purify. All male kidney trouble and connected urethral disease comes within the jurisdiction of Arudra; so also uterine diseases of the female. The skull of Kalapurush and hair on it.

The ruddy Betelgues is an interesting star and is known as the 'Martial Star'. Arudra literally means wet, damp, etc. In human character it is the tenderness, feelings, warmth, etc. The symbol refers to the ideas of oppression, exceedingly tormenting, etc. Devata Rudra is Siva in rodan (crying) and garjan (howling). But this aspect, though it more emphasised is only universe of his role as helper, redresser of wrongs, magical career, 'healer of healers'. Rudra is also often associated with Agni or identified with Agni as the terrifying form of fire. His dwelling place is in the mountains and forest, his domain is over the animals, wild or domesticated.

When Ravi comes here monsoon begins. When Ravi enters Ardra the Hindus observe 'Ambubaaci' for three days and during these three days they do not till the earth or dig or excavate as a token of mother earth having her period during the time and after the period she resumes production.

In Ardra the conception of Rudra is associated with a hunter and a drop of water according to mythology.

Ideas: Wet, moist, damp, soft, tender, full of feelings, warmth, loose, fresh.
Fluid, flowing, dripping, melting, weeping, tears, grief, pain.
To press, squeeze, crush, smash, to rub into, to mingle with, to be overwhelmed with.
To overcome, surpass, to oppress, pressing, hard, tormenting, exceedingly, to destroy, waste, kill, trample down, tread upon.
Crying, howling, roaring, dreadful, terrible, hunter, hunts-man, greedy person, cruel.
Sun's rays, sun's heat.
North east region.
Portion of the human body — Hairs, part of the head covered by the hair, skull.

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