Dhanishtha Nakshatra: Spread from after 23°-20' in Makar up to 6°-40' in Kumbha. Lord Basudaibata. Symbol drum and tabla. Because Basudaivata is the deity of this star—it is the giver of wealth, precious stone, valuable articles, gold, opulence etc. Asthavasu derives from Ganga. The virtues of these gods are associated with this star. Persons born under this star are hostile to women. Because they lack adequate sex power. If Saturn is the lord of the 7th house and also in this star—any other planet in the 7th house and associated with this star will also do—the native will be sexually weak. It has to be noted that Saturn himself is eunuch. The native of the Star seldom marries or marriage is difficult for him, if married conjugal relation is seldom happy.

Anthropomorphically it is the back of Kalapurush.

Dhanishtha has two meanings in it — one is Dhana (riches) and the other is Dhvani (sound).

Bosu is often referred to as Asta Bosu (eight attributes of Bosu) known by Dharaa, Dhruba, Soma, Vishnu, Anal, Anil, Pratush and Provaasa. In different scriptures they are mentioned by different names and each name ultimately points to a particular power. Summing up the ideas they mean charity, controlling capacity and the royal virtues. Bosu is said to have its origin from Gangaa (river).

Dhanishtha Nakshatra has one uncommon characteristic denoting delayed marriage or unhappy married life. It indicates sexual weakness. It differs temperamentally with its partner.

Dhanishtha in Makara has the idea of a river. In Kumbha the idea is ocean or sea. Therefore, the ideas of Dhanishtha also differ according to its position in Makar or Kumbha.

Ideas: Singing, pronouncing with accents, sonorous, musical note, melody, music, resounding, sounding, reciting.
Wealth, riches, jewels, gems, treasures and everything highly valuable.
Trickling, distilling, perspiration, wet, moisture.
The hinder part or rear of anything.
Portion of the human body — The back.

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