Hasta Nakshatra : Spread from 10° to 23°-20' Kanya. Deity Sun, Lord Budha. Symbol—closed hand. The 12 names of the Sun are: (1) Arun, (2) Aditya, (3) Tapan, (4) Divakar, (5) Bhaskar, (6) Bhanu, (7) Martanda, (8), Mihir, (9) Ravi, (10) Bivakar, (11) Sahasramsu and (12) Sura.

All the attributes of these names etymologically connotes are caused by this star. From the Sun we derive creativity and creation, and from creation we derive light, lustre, and strength. The Sun is the prime cause of dominion, kingship, power of immunity and the light that dispels darkness. Budha is the cause of knowledge. If placed in this Star he sheds light all around. Ravi with this Nakshatra enhances the instinct of dominion and the capacity to rule over others. It brushes up human intelligence, making it more luminous and makes a man vibrant with life and light.

The symbol is a closed hand or fist. It would follow that it signifies determination and clenched resolution. To keep everybody within one's grip, the possessive instinct follows from the nature of this star. The magician and the pick-pocket are also born under this star—variation from nobler attributes.

Anthropomorphically it is the hand of Kalapurush.

The idea of Kanya Rasi is purity in thought and action. Hastaa denotes particular power; power to rule or control others. Devata Ravi is the Creator or the Curer. Hasta has ideas of creation and a healing power. Devata Ravi is known by 12 names — (l) Aruna; (2) Aaditya; (3) Tapana; (4) Dibaakara; (5) Bhaaskara; (6) Vaanu: (7) Maartanda; (8) Mihira; (9) Bivaakara; (10) Surya; (11) Sahasraamsu; (12) Ravi. The ideas of Ravi known by its 12 names are tinged in the ideas of Hosts. It has power to remove the darkness of ignorance.

The symbol of close fisted hand refers to a person with some definite purposes or promise to bring someone or something within his control. In adverse condition it refers to act of stealing or pickpocketting and the like.

Ideas: Holding in or by the hand, quantity, mass, to expand, open, disclose, to lay bare, to cut, reap, mow or cast down.
To laugh, to deride, mock, ridicule, mirth, vivifier, jest, an instigator, stimulator, rouser.
Impelling setting in. motion, procured, obtained, secured, to appoint or consecrate to, to allow, authorise, grasp control, command, to urge, impel, incite, excel, surpass.
Handwriting, handicraft. Portion of the human body— The hands.

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