Essentials of Vedic Astrology Block 1: Static Horoscope
Lesson 3A: Planetary portfolios

Detail - Dakshinamurthi-Guru Bhagwan [Lord Jupiter] at Alangudi, Tamil Nadu, Sth India

Planetary portfolios

wisdom, Evolution, Happiness, Virtue, Morality
Children, Spiritual Master, Teacher, Husband Talent, Fortune, Justice, Education Charity (Minister) male
rules Sagittarius & Pisces

Happiness Wisdom Judgement Creed Good-fortune Life-style/purpose/vocation Family Children Husband Mentors Students

Of all the nine planets [grahas] Guru or Jupiter is considered the great benefic. He is responsible for everything auspicious: enlightenment, happiness, wisdom, education, vocation, true love, devotion, loyalty, life partner, family & children, and life lived in accord with natural law. Our Guru connects us with God, so in that respect he/she is the bringer of all of life's bountys. In whatever area God's grace touches us - this is most often due to the influence of Guru.

He represents truth, wisdom, the knowledge that enables a man to realize God. He signifies intellect, conscientiousness, merit, intuition, education, peace, peaceful state of mind, power of speech. Vedas, Vedanta, devotion, morality, religiousness, proficiency in arts and sciences, religious institution, temples, sobriety, philosophic wisdom, oratory, invention, idealism, fraternity & equality, universality. University, one who can attain divine bliss, justice, nobility, belief in divine predestination, phlegm, longevity, physical development, the tree full of fruits. Guru is the judge, the noble judge, the wise judge, he is solomon of all ages, pious, philanthropic. Guru's native {a Jupitarian) believes in fraternity and equality, he is sagacious, a friend to all men and beasts alike. He signifies, fortune, manliness, reputation, charity. The planet denotes digestive organ, liver, breathing apparatus of the physical body; he signifies sweet taste, children, father, Brahmin, Northern direction. Disease : Diarrhea, dyspepsia, disease of cough and cold, disease of the palate and throat, asthma, pthysit, epilepsy, thrombosis.
Color : Color of gold, yellow.
Gem : Emerald, yellow sapphire.
Vocation : Priest, jurist, judge, profession connected with Governmental administration, temple, or church, preceptor, professor in a school or college, philosopher, preacher of religious doctrines, scientist, engineer etc.
Birth star : Poorba and Uttar Falguni Nakshatra.
Digit : 5, 12, 34, 52, 56. 60.
Strength : When Guru is associated with Pushya Nakshatra or when the Sun and the Moon occupy Dhanur or Mina Rasi or when full moon is associated with 11 or 12 Nakshatra Guru regains his strength. The native suffers from indigestion or similar chronic disease when Guru occupies the 2nd or 5th place from lagna due to overeating of sweets and meat. Malefic Guru occupying a Kendra or Kona place from lagna makes the native an egoist, tyrant and he (the native) wants to rule over his subordinates ruthlessly. When the planet is strong and favorable and is posited in Kendra or Kona from lagna the native is bestowed with very many qualities such as high education, learning, honesty, morality, intelligence and piety.

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