Essentials of Vedic Astrology Module 1: Static Horoscope
Lesson 3A: Planetary portfolios

Kartik Swami or Muruga-Adi devata of Mars

Planetary portfolios

ENERGY/STRENGTH, Action, Courage, Ambition, Anger Brothers and
Enemies, Competitors
Men & Military
Sudden release of malefic energy - Accident, Acute disease, Aggression, Quarrel, Enemy, Army, Sexuality, Immovable property (Commander in Chief) male
rules Aries & Scorpio

Energy Vitality Strength Action Competence Ambition Men Warrior (weapons) Competitors/Enemies Anger Accidents Construction Machinery

Using our model of society and following on from the Sun as King or head of state, the primary apparatus of the king which maintains his postion of power is the system of law and order. The laws or edicts of the king form the codes of behavior so that the citizens live and act in a way which maintains the status quo. This is where Mars comes in. Mars = strength or the use of force which equates to the military or in our society the police force. The role of the military or police is to deter the citizens from 'breaking the law'- in other words to enforce the codes of behaviour or system of law and order which is issued from the king.
Accordingly Mars represents the military, battle, war, warrior, army, commander-in-chief, military operation, strife, litigation.
He also governs the 'nuts & bolts' or warfare like scars and wounds, weapons of offence and also defence, blood, cannon, burning gases, iron and steel, metals or things that grow in ore or under the earth.
If we look closely at the temperament and qualities of the soldier we see some of the character traits of Mars namely: Self-assertion, daring and initiative temperament, alertness, keen intellect, zeal, enthusiasm, prowess, manliness, struggle for existence, combativeness, ambition, bravery, courage, enterprising, energetic, aggressive, passionate. Competitive and combative are primary characterstics of the Martian nature.
More negative characteristics of Mars include fiery temper, aggression, sudden release [outburst] or malefic energy like electric shock or gun shot wound; accidents and obstinacy
Mars is primarily practical or pragmatist, a mover within the realm of the concrete and the material. Mars rules hard practical sciences, engineering, building architecture and construction. Following from this Mars has organizing capability, an excellent mathematician, land and landed property, ownership of land and house, to build a house.
Whereas Mercury is a planet of intellect, nuance of speech and subtle discrimination, Mars, the man of action, the builder, the warrior is not interested in subtleties & finer points of discrimination. For mars like many pragmatists, the end justifies the means. Like the soldier who willingly committs attrocities of war in the name of king and country, it is enough for Mars that he is acting in accord with a higher principals eminating from his close ally the Sun/king. Mars [like any planet] is primarily looking for an opportunity to action what it does best - which in this case is the exercise of strength and force.
Other elements within the portfolio of Mars include brothers and sister appearance of a bandit or dacoit, prophylactic medicine, earthquake.
Mangal signifies intestine, rectum, excretory gland, biles, Tamo guna, bitter taste, a male, Kshatriya, southern direction.
Disease : Dysentry, piles, fissure, ulcer in intestine, typhoid, cholera, pox, disease due to morbid condition of wind and bile, accident, boils, gangrene due to any kind of wound, urinal difficulty due to stricture or enlargement of prostate gland.
Metal: Iron,lead.
Gem : Coral (Prabal)
Colour : Red.
Vocation: Army or police officer, engineer, surgeon, contractor, officer or proprietor of a machinery factory, dentist, chemist, metal worker, all vocations connected with steel and iron industry, bandit, executioner, political agitator.
Birth star : Poorbasarha and Uttarasarha.
Digit: 3, 10, 39.
Strength : Dark moon when posited in Mesa or Vrscika Rasi, or full moon when associated with Nakshatras (Stars) No. 20 or 21. The native becomes energetic, brave and active when Mangal is situated in Upachaya houses (3, 6, 10 & 11th houses from lagna are termed as Upachayas). When Mangal being the owner of malefic houses is placed in Kendra position from lagna the native becomes obstinate, haughty, turbulent. When the moon is influenced by unfavourable Mangal the native becomes short-tempered and suffers from loss of wealth and luck. Favourable Mangal occupying third house from lagna makes the native skilful, courageous but a powerful Mangal in that house may be the cause of premature death of the native's elder brother or sister.

Following are 2 descriptions of a person characterized by Mars. The first characterizes a strong sun, the second, a weak Mars.
In feats of war and courage he is unbeatable, scorning anyone that should exceed him; a lover of war and all its paraphenalia
Subject to no reason, bold, confident immovable, contentious; regarding themselves as supreme
A daredevil, obeys no one willingly unless there is no choice.
Likes to publicize his own acts

When weak or afflicted: a braggart without modesty or honesty.
A lover of slaughter and quarrels, murder & thievery; a promoter of sedition, public disorder & quarrels
Can be a criminal [robber], unsteady temperament, disloyal, liar, obscene, rash, cruel
Neither fearing God nor caring for man, ungrateful, treacherous, an oppressor, ravenous, cheat, furious, violent

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