Enjoy Invincibility Affluence Progress and Support of Nature every day of the year
Navaratri Yearly Program - 5 Quarterly Navaratri Programs over 13 Months
For as little as $144 a month

Now you can enjoy the benefits of Navaratri festivals 365 days a year

1) More economical than participating on a '1 off' basis: each Navaratri Program costs less.

2) Benefits are stronger, more profound and the best part is..

3) Benefits accumulate over time. The longer you participate the more deeply the benefits integrate into your life. Ongoing participation endows you with strength, protection, nourishment, affluence and progress on all levels (inner & outer), and fulfillment of desires. These are structured more deeply into your life the longer you participate.

You may have already enjoyed benefits from participating in a single or "1 off" Navaratri 9 day yagya program. When you participate in the 5 Quarters Program (5 Quarterly Navaratri Programs over 13 Months), instead of being centered around one 9 day period in the year - you can now enjoy these benefits 365 days a year.

How does it work? An analogy may help. Each Navaratri is like a pearl. You do one Navaratri, maybe another one, and you enjoy the pearls, 1 by 1. But with a necklace, each pearl is supported by all the pearls in the necklace (Yearly Program).

How is it possible for programs to support one another? As you know, they're performed in India, yet you enjoy the benefits where ever you happen to be in the world. So we can say yagya benefits are not bound by location. They operate beyond the boundaries of space.

By the same rule, they also transcend time. It's not uncommon for people to begin to experience benefits from their yagya program from the moment they commit, even though their program has not yet been performed. Because yagyas operate from the finest levels of mind/creation (close to the transcendant, ultimate reality), their benefits are not bound by time/space continuum. Yagyas operate beyond the boundaries of space and time.

So when you participate in the Navaratri Yearly Program, along with benefits from previous programs and the current program, you will also receive benefits from the Programs not yet performed. Benefits from each Navaratri program are supported and strengthened by all 5 Programs throughout the year. The programs are less expensive; the benefits are deeper, stronger and they last throughout the whole year. And the longer you participate, the deeper the benefits will integrate into your life: strength, invincibility, affluence and progress on all levels (inner & outer), and fulfillment of desires. Instead of an occasional pearl, you now have a necklace. Please consider.