31 August 2022
Grand Day of Lord Ganesha

Ganapathi Maha Yagya
Success in Undetakings
Removal of obstacles

125,000 Repetitions Ganapathi Mula Mantra
$US 295 EURO 295 $AUD 423 GBP 252
30 Pandits 8 Days
Wednesday 31st August [India] marks the Grand day of Lord Ganesha - Ganesha Chaturthi: 4th day of bright half of Bhadrapada lunar month. Ganesha has 1000 names: 2 of which are Siddhi Vinayak = Granter of success/perfection and Ganapathi or Vighneshwara = Lord/Remover of obstacles. Traditionally Ganesha is invoked at the beginning of important undertakings. Most yagyas begin with an invocation of Ganesha.

The first born child of Lord Shiva and Parvathi: fruit of the interplay between the Absolute and it's manifesting power, Ganesha is Lord of compassion: divine love. Wisdom and Joy are amongst his primary attributes.

The Grand day of Ganesha is one of the most auspicous days in the year to invoke the wisdom compassion and organizing power of the Divine to clear the way for our material and spiritual progress and success. Through yagya we can align with this eternal universal Law of Nature, and thus remove great obstacles from our path.

Ganapathi Maha Yagya on Ganesha's Grand Day is one of the most effective ways to ensure success for undertakings that might otherwise encounter obstacles