Although the temple is primarily a Parvathi Sthanam - the reputation of Thiruverkadu built upon the experience of generations of devotees seems to be more of the nature of Laksmi. Fullness and affluence on all levels of life: success and fulfillment in the manifest realm being a natural and spontaneous flow on effect from this foundation of fullness. If we consider Parvathi as earth mother she looks after our needs for sustenance, material well being and progress - just as a mother attends to the various needs of her children. It is her responsibility to see that they are happy and well nourished and well cared for and gainfully employed, progressing and achieving success.

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Some of the temples in Tamil Nadu are very special places because they have been there since before time. The pundits are peripheral to the influence of the temple which is always there. Their families have lived in the area for generations. That influence of the particular temple operates through the pundits. The yags performed at these temples - while sometimes a little awkward to arrange - tend to deliver the best results.

During the eight days of yagya, I began to feel very peaceful and could see very clearly my direction and position in life. I do not ever remember feeling as positive and calm as I have since the Yagya has been completed. It is now almost 2 weeks, and I have had the usual low days, but have felt at peace with myself and the low times have paled in insignificance. Thank you Ganesh. B Australia
I've been having yagyas done for years - all sorts of yagyas. But the experience of fullness, complete fullness, that's the only way to describe it, that comes from these yagyas, and the concrete manifestations of that fullness in my life - the solid progress - each time they are performed: the experience is unmistakable. R, Australia
"The green light was given to J's new show(after yagya was performed) - discussions about giving it the go-ahead had earlier stalled with indications that it would not be commissioned. Production is now underway and all is going smoothly." L Australia

Dear Ganesh, Wanted to let you know while you are still in India so that you can pass on my heartfelt thanks in person to the pundits who performed my daughter's Venus Yagya...We're just home from the screening of the Australian Student Short Film Awards at Federation Square...she and her friend won 1st prize for their section
[Years 7 to 10] and then proceeded to also win the Grand prize for the evening, beating the year 10, 11 and 12's... It means so much to me on so many levels so thank you so much for all your support, help and organization of the Indian side of things. I feel such relief as much as anything. It's all going to be OK. love and blessings, J Australia
"The vedic realm delivered the protection - the arrows bounced off - for many hours the barrister asked long, tricky questions and I was able to answer all of them. So I now know what that term "arrows bouncing off" means. Thanks and please pass on my appreciation to the pundits." B Australia
Dear Ganesh, I thought you might be interested in the visible manifestations of my saturn yagya. The most significant change was probably in my daughter rather than in me. At 10 she had become argumentative, confrontational and very needy. We had been working on this for some time. The week after the yagya she totally changed. Not her personality, but her attitude. She suddenly, overnight became helpful, discursive rather than argumentative, co-operational rather than confrontational and discussed what she needed to be happier. For her it was a great relief to be able to manage without becoming catty, angry or solitary. For me it was also a great relief and I could now relax and trust that she was OK; wonderful for both of us." P. Aust