The supreme Self; supreme abode; Shiva is our deepest meditation; the eternal witness. He is our own least excited state of consciousness; pure awareness. The unmanifest source of creation; home/Unified Field of all the laws of nature, Shiva is the silent, eternal, non changing source of all change and diversity.

When the mind identifies with the state of least excitation of awareness, we experience the most profound peace. World peace is a natural by-product when this supremely auspicious level of natural law is enlivened in world consciousness.

Shiva Devotees returning from pilgrimage to Haridwar during the Month of Sravanna

Rudra - Redemptive aspect of Shiva

When that most auspicious silence becomes lively and dynamic - it is known as Rudra: the redeemer. Rudra is vibrating silence. Rudra purifies by dissolving flaws and imperfections back into their unmanifest state: bringing everything 'home' to rest, back to its state of least excitation or quiescence or peace.

Rudra and Saturn

There are 11 Rudras or redemptive aspects of Shiva. Shani (the planet Saturn) is one of them. Of the 9 Planets (navagraha) Saturn is the karmic accountant; he brings us the fruits of our past mistakes. He teaches us the lessons we need to learn this life time. Typically Saturn rules grief, separation, obstacles, delays and disappointments, sorrow, hard work, chronic disease and old age, longevity and death. His nature is conservative, introverted, dutiful. Ultimately, Saturn cultivates in us the desire for final liberation, emancipation from the wheel of birth and death - moksha
Protection from harmful effects of Saturn & Rahu- Grand Rudra Yagya (Maha Rudraabhishek)
Shifting long term problems

Due to the fact that planet Saturn is one of the 11 Rudras, Grand Rudra Yagya (Maha Rudraabhishek) is one of the most potent and effective remedial measures for alleviating the negative effects of Saturn in our life. Grief, long term problems and health conditions - situations that won't resolve or move forward can be radically impacted for the better with Grand Rudra yagya. It is also an excellent remedies for problems due to Rahu and problems concerning Moon (mind, emotions).
Performing Rudra Abhishek yagya in grounds of Trayambakeshwar Temple on Maha Shiva Ratri 2009 + 2010 + 2019

Triple Grand Rudra Yagya - 33 Pandits performing 3339 repetitions of Shri Rudram

Grand Rudra Yagya consists of 33 Pandits reciting 3 x 11 x 11 x 11 (3339) repetitions of Shri Rudram (invocation of Rudra). The program culminates with Homa or traditional fire ceremony on the last day. Due to the magnitude and potency of the yagya it services 30 sponsors or yajamana.