Essentials of Vedic Astrology Block 1: Static Horoscope
Exercises for Lessons 1A & 1B

Exercises for Lessons 1A & 1B

Dear Students, please download the following pdf files and print out a hard copy of each:
[a] Horoscope blank & [b] Zodiac Blank

[a] Horoscope Blank

download PDF file

[b] Blank Zodiac

download PDF file

1A: Kala Purush -the being of time

First, plot your planets on the Zodiac wheel [c].
Please note the following:
Each Sign has 30 degrees [smallest increments]
Degrees progress from lower to higher in an anti clockwise direction.

The answers to the following questions are found after plotting each planet from your list of personal planetary positions on to the zodiac wheel

For each planet Sun - Ketu [including your ascendant]
1] What nakshatra does it occupy?
2] Given that each nakshatra has 4 quarters [pada/foot] - which quarter of its associated nakshatra does it occupy [1-4]?
3] What zodiac sign is associated with this quarter?

*:Supplementary course material Each nakshatra can be divided into 4 divisions [quarters/padas]. Each division gives a finer level of insight or appreciation of each planet's disposition in the horoscope. This will make more sense when we understand planetary dignity or strength

1A: Celestial Mechanics

Using the blank horoscope [a] & list of planetary positions, plot your birth horoscope.
[the finished product will look something like this] Once you have successfully completed this exercise, your horoscope will be posted on the following page: Student Horoscopes


1A: Sidereal Vs Tropical Zodiacs

In order to calculate your answers for this exercise, you will need to add the ayanamsa [difference between tropical/sidereal zodiacs] of 23degrees55minutes to the given positions for each of your planets

1] List the position of each planet in your horoscope according to A] Sidereal zodiac & B] Tropical zodiac.
Express your answers in the following format:
Planet [name]: degree: Sign: Minute.

Exercises for Lesson 1B [includes material from the overviews of planets, houses, signs & nakshatras]

Using your birth horoscope produced in the celestial mechanics exercise [1A] above:

1] List the sign of the zodiac corresponding to each house of your horoscope [1-12].

From the above example:

First House = Capricorn [10]
Second House = Aquarius [11]
Third House = Pisces [12]

2] List the houses occupied by each planet [include main idea of planet & house in your answer]
From the above example:
Sun [self, power] – 12th hse [Loss/Liberation]
Moon [mind, emotions] – 8th hse [Vulnerable Point]
Mars [strength] – 1st hse [Self/All the comes first]

3] Can you integrate the ideas contained in any of these astrological statements in order to obtain a simple interpretation which true to your life experience.

In the above example Moon [emotions/mind] - 8th house [vulnerable point] = extreme sensitivity, labile emotional life

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