Essentials of Vedic Astrology Block 1: Static Horoscope

Lesson 1A: Kalapurush: Time personified


Latent field of all possibilities

Kalapurusha [zodiac] literally means the body or being of time; it is time personified. From the perspective of Samkya philosophy, when the undifferentiated unified reality of existence first moves towards manifestation, time and space come into existence and from these the entire multiplicity of creation unfolds. Therefore this body of time can be seen as the latent field of all possibilities for the entire manifest universe. Anything that exists in the universe: any object, any notion or idea or concept - anything you can apprehend with the mind can be found in seed form in this blueprint of creation.

Musical Chairs

How does it work? The 9 Planets [navagraha] are the moving or dynamic forces of nature traveling through the celestial highway of kalapurusha [zodiac] at their respective speeds. This cosmic symphony is eternally playing out. But when the soul incarnates at the time of birth, like a game of musical chairs, from the soul's perspective, the music stops. Everything freezes at that point of time or evolution. That specific configuration of every planet in relative aspect to the other planets and occupying its particular sign, this configuration is frozen and forms a map of the karma and destiny of the individual [native] born or entering this world under its auspice.

Incarnation: infinite possibilities collapsing to finite actualities

The latent or dormant or unmanifest field of infinite possibilities, at the time of birth as if collapses to a finite set of actualities which contain everything that person can be in this lifetime. As a result of this finite set of actualities defined by the planets activating the areas of the zodiac all other possibilities and potentials are thereby excluded from the life of that individual. And only those which are activated by the planets will find expression or concrete manifestation in that person's life. In this way, through their presence or alignment with an area of the zodiac [kalapurush], the planets activate or express or manifest the otherwise dormant possibilities contained the zodiac blueprint
This snapshot of the planets: each occupying their respective position in relation to one other and their particular sections of the zodiac forms the birth horoscope [star map] or janma kundali of the individual or native.
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