Essentials of Vedic Astrology Block 1: Static Horoscope
Exercises for Lessons 2A & 2B

Exercises for Lessons 2A & 2B

Signs of the Zodiac [Rashis of Kalapurusha]

1] List the following:
a] Sign corresponding your ascendant
b] Sign corresponding your moon
c] Sign containing 2 or more planets

Write your answers in the following format:
Ascendant – Sign [main idea] – Quality – Element

2] Starting with your ascendant: how do the characteristics of this sign express in your life?
Please give examples relating specific characteristics of the sign to specific personality traits or life circumstances.
3] Now do the same for your moon sign
4] Now do the same for signs containing 2 or more planets [if applicable]
5] Which of these signs seems to predominate in your life?
6] Which of these signs appears to be less expressed?
7] Can you see a synthesis of common elements/qualities/characteristics from among these signs forming a pattern in your life? Please elaborate.

27 Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions

1] List each Nakshatra occupied by a planet including the main principals of both along with their respective house in the following format:
Planet [principal] – Nakshatra [principal] – house [principal]
for example
Mars [strength/ambition] – Asvini [transport, impelling to motion] – 10th house [career]

2] Can you see any ideas associated with the nakshatras active in your horoscope:
a] expressing or manifest in your life in any way
b] expressing or manifest in your life through the dynamics associated with the resident planet
c] expressing or manifesting in the area of life denoted by the house

3] Can you integrate the ideas contained in these astrological statements concerning your planets in their respective nakshatras and houses in order to obtain a simple interpretation which true to your life experience.
For example: Mercury [speech, intellect, skill] – Mrigasira [searching star] – 10th house [career] = native has aptitude for work involving research
Please elaborate for each planet.

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