Essentials of Vedic Astrology Block 1: Static Horoscope
Exercises for Lesson 4A: The 4 aims of life

The 4 aims of life

The 4 aims of life

According to the Vedic perspective on life, there a 4 principal pursuits. Any activity in which a person may engage during their life time can be seen in terms of one of these 4 aims:

DHARMA: Truth, destiny, religiosity, philosophy. The pursuit of a life lived in accordance with the laws of nature

ARTHA: Wealth, profession: any activity engaged in order to generate material well being.

KAAMA: Pleasure, enjoyment of the sensory realm. Fulfillment of desires. Romantic love.

MOKSHA: Liberation, enlightenment, cessation of the recurring cycles of birth and death [reincarnation]

These correspond to the structure of the horoscope in the following way:

Diagram of houses

Aries – dharma
Taurus – artha
Gemini – Kaama
Cancer – Moksha

1] Based on the correspondence between the 4 aims of life and the 12 signs [rashis] of the zodiac, list the planetary rulers for each sign in the following manner:
Aries – Mars – Dharma [truth]
Taurus – Venus – Artha [wealth]
Gemini – Mercury – Kaama [pleasure]
Cancer – Moon – Moksha [liberation]

2] Analyze this list in light of the 4 aims of life in the following manner.
You should find that the planets can be divided into 2 main camps.


Each planet falls into 1 of these 2 factions. Within each group or faction, the planets are allied and between them there is enmity.

3] Identify the principal underlying the 2 factions and their division.
List the planets belonging to each group.
Any other observations in this respect are welcome.

4] Regarding your horoscope:
List each planet along with its house and house classification in terms of the 4 aims of life
For example:
Sun -1st hse – dharma [truth] house
Moon – 6th house – artha [wealth] house

5] List each planet along with its sign and sign classification in terms of the 4 aims of life
For example:
Sun - Taurus – artha [wealth] sign
Moon – Gemini – kaama [pleasure] sign

Can you see any life trends emerging from this analysis. Please discuss these in light of your life experience to date.

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