Essentials of Vedic Astrology Block 1: Static Horoscope
Lesson 4B: Introduction to House Classification

Introduction to House Classification

Trine or trikona houses
are the most auspicious houses in the horoscope. Planets connected with trinal houses either by occupation or association with trinal lords indicate giftedness or talent or good fortune regarding their portfolios.

Kendras or angular houses
indicate a position of significance or power in the life of the native. Their prominence can be either positive or negative. It therefore translates that a planet in Kendra will exert a powerful or significant influence over the life of the native such that he/she will often have a reputation for the qualities of the angular planet or his/her life will in some way bear its mark.

Dhusthanas are inauspicious or evil houses.
They indicate areas of weakness, vulnerability or loss in the life of the native. For the most part they exert a negative influence on the occupying planet and its portfolio [one notable exception is malefics in the 6th house].

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